Prioritize your top 3 SLAs

Prioritize Your Top 3 SLAs

Prioritize Your Top 3 SLAs

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Do not aim for an average SLA.

Here’s why:

You could achieve 80% of your queries going to an agent within 20 seconds or a high first-time call contact resolution score.

But that means some of your most important queries and customers are very often waiting for an unacceptable amount of time (e.g., during the Monday morning peak).

So you need to be crystal clear about your priorities.

For example:

“When sh*t hits the fan (like on a Monday morning), we ONLY prioritize customers who have:

  • tried to cancel their contract recently
  • a high expected LTV
  • a big problem with an order

It’s a hard decision to make.

But many of our customers like Marley Spoon and VidaXL are having great success with this approach in maintaining their CX KPIs.

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