Top 3 Roadblocks Call Center Managers Face

Here are the top 3 roadblocks CX managers face when implementing a new initiative:

1. The culture inside your organization isn’t aligned to your CX goals.

Example: You’re trying to become more customer-centric, but the culture doesn’t support that approach.

It’s not just a roadblock but a broken bridge that can’t be mended unless you start a multi-year project (and I’ve seen many organizations do this successfully).

2. There’s no shared understanding of the processes.

It’s extremely common that I’m discussing a new initiative with the key people of an organization, but a significant element isn’t clear unless they get John on the phone.

And when you do talk to John, he says something completely different from what everybody has been saying so far.

Unless there’s a collective understanding of the processes across the board, it’s difficult to make a new initiative work.

(Of course, a new initiative can also be a driver to make that happen.)

3. You’re not abreast of industry developments.

It’s very difficult to understand what is available: what’s the state of the art vs. what you have?

The market is very complicated. There are loads of vendors and various innovation cycles that you could buy into.

So you need to build a discipline within your team to remain informed of the advancements so that you can:
– get into the right stage of the innovation cycle.
– buy the right solution for what you want to do.

What’s # 4 according to you?