What skill sets do you need to use the new automation capabilities?

You no longer need development skills to build things in the contact center.

Here’s why.

With the advent of No-Code development, you don’t necessarily need to start a software project to build something.

People who are really successful now have these 2 skill sets that enable them to use the latest automation capabilities:

1. Fearlessness

They draw out their vision on the whiteboard without being concerned about the obstacles they might face.

2. Process-oriented thinking

They get a sense of fulfillment from looking deep into processes and solving them.

I often meet people who are using our product in conjunction with other products, who’ve built out a use case that we had never thought of.

It’s because:
– They are fearless enough to think of something that’s never been done before.
– They get a sense of joy from the craft of process mapping and building something new.

What are some qualities you admire in the people who bring new things to the table?