Customer Service & AI: Thriller, Killer or No-Filler?

Our panel of experts explores the state of AI in customer services.

Adrian Swinscoe, the host of the Punk CX podcast, takes us through the trends, opportunities and challenges for AI deployment. Is the term AI overused (yes…) and what are the risks of prioritizing *tech* ahead of the *problems* that tech is supposed to solve?

Michael Haller, CBO of Deepsearch tells us more about creating NLU models for any industry, including ecommerce. How do AI voice solutions deliver fast and efficient services without years of training? Can businesses implement them into any IT infrastructure?

We’ll wrap up with a Q&A including questions about the ever-shrinking implementation periods and the implications for businesses who ignore the AI trend in customer service.

Pierce Buckley

Pierce Buckley

CEO & Co-founder
Pierce has over 20 years experience creating CX journeys using integration and automation in the contact center.

Michael Haller

Chief Business Officer
Michael is an expert in Natural Language Understanding, focused on scalable AI solutions that integrate well into existing IT systems.

Adrian Swinscoe

Best-selling CX author
Adrian is a CX thought leader, visionary, best-selling author, Forbes contributor, speaker, investor, advisor and aspirant CX Punk.