How businesses are getting more from Zendesk for Voice

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Every month we launch new phone system integrations with Zendesk for all kinds of different companies.

In fact, we work on Zendesk deployments in 8 different industry sectors.

We love Zendesk – it’s a fantastic ticketing platform and it’s good at doing a lot of things.

But there are a lot of common problems that customers come to us with when it comes to their phone support as integrated into Zendesk.

Two of those problems are call quality and reliability.

The reason for problems arising here is that your phone setup on Zendesk does not have sufficient control over the end-to-end call routes.

Another issue involves that telephony solutions are ‘dumbed down’.

This appears to be great at first but this is actually a terrible trade off for *any* company because companies get to the limits of the capability very quickly.

That also often means businesses have long contract periods with those telephony solutions that actually don’t meet their needs.

We take the opposite approach to make sure this doesn’t happen.

Whatever you draw on your whiteboard you can create without a complex project.

This is possible because we focus on giving non-developers the power that a coder has.

That also means you’ll never reach the limit of the capability.

To summarize: You can solve all your phone problems and make huge improvements in your voice service with Zendesk by having incredible control.

And this where the babelforce platform comes into play – we are able to give you the required control.

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