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Build Anything – Integrate Everything


Create any kind of communications solution in a call center software platform based on your business needs


Build and optimize integrated business processes and offer outstanding customer experience


Measure and analyze all call data in your real-time dashboards and business intelligence

Deploy 5 Seats or 5000

Create a contact center of any size, with radical flexibility, to integrate all your core tools and processes



Integrate Outbound Calls

Connect dynamic outbound calling with your CRM, Helpdesk and Reporting



Manage Users & Teams

Organise your people into teams; route calls and tasks based on any skills and data you like



Connect any device

Deploy softphones across different platforms – desktop, tablet and mobile

Flexible, Integrated IVR Systems

Create any IVR flow or multichannel dialog. Integrate customer journeys with your favorite web tools



Call Routing and Queueing

Route and queue calls however you like. Add applications to manage traffic and dialogs, and integrate with business processes



Call Center Scheduling

Schedule based on time, date, availability and dynamic data. Deploy applications to optimize task scheduling across your team



Your rules, your way

Add conditions and trigger actions to enable fully integrated business, sales and service processes

Control & Create Everything

Everything on the platform is accessible in a REST API. There’s no limit to what you can integrate or build.



Real-time Notifications

Push all events and data to any application: real-time monitoring, dialog, applications… anything you like



Helpdesk and CRM Integrations

Add your favorite web tools. Then enjoy the power of deep integrations with your Helpdesk and CRM



Call Center Analytics

Use pre-built integrations to put your own data into BI. Add integrations to your preferred BI and dashboards.

SMS built into communications

Two-way SMS conversations that integrate with your CRM and Helpdesk. Manage SMS conversations and add integrations within applications



Phone & SMS numbers worldwide

Bring and manage your own numbers for phone and SMS numbers anywhere in the world.



Premium VoiP Calls

We have over 40 carriers and 300 service providers integrated for worldwide, high-quality telecommunications



Call Recording and PCI Compliance

Guarantee compliance with call recording. Bring full recording control for sector-specific regulation and best practice.

Create your own fully integrated communication process