The world's most sophisticated VoiceBot AI

wants to work in your contact center.

Say goodbye to busywork and connect with your customers.​

Human agents are here to stay. Empathy, ingenuity, problem solving – these aren’t things you can automate. 

What you can automate is data gathering, customer recognition, profile updates, common queries, and more. 

That’s full automation for many queries; partial automation for the rest. 

In fact, VoiceBot AI enables you to automate up to 90% of common customer service tasks. 

Succeed in the
first 45 seconds.

Fact – a sophisticated VoiceBot saves agents 45 seconds per call.

It’s 45 seconds when they’re not combing through a CRM.

It’s 45 seconds when they’re not battling multiple UIs.

It’s 45 seconds when they are listening to customers and finding solutions.

Save €500,000
per year

Increase agent availability
by 25%

The IVR upgrade your callers want.

46% of customers feel they have to go through too many menu levels to reach a human agent. VoiceBot AI is different. It listens to the caller – understands them – and routes them directly. No unnecessary key presses.

VoiceBot AI
Immediate Solution!
Solution via Menus

Save time with full and partial automation

In a typical contact center, 75% of all calls are about the same 6 queries. That’s your golden ticket for work that’s easy to automate. 

Fully automated interactions

Virtually every businesses has a set of interactions that can be 100% automated. Meter readings, account updates, requests for information; VoiceBot = easy automation.

Partial automation in interactions

Even in the most complex or sensitive interactions, there is plenty of scope for VoiceBot automation. Why ask a person to do something AI can do better?

Intent gathering and handover

Your VoiceBot should be a team player. Gathering the cause of a customer's call, establishing their identity, and handing them to an agent is among the valuable use cases.

Your VoiceBot.
Your Customers. Your Way.

The babelforce flow builder allows you to build decision pathing to your own specifications. With a versatile toolkit and pre-built modules, you can create a VoiceBot that's fully prepared for the kinds of inquiries your customers have.

Write your bot’s dialogue responses and insert them into the call flow. Your VoiceBot comes with 70+ languages out of the box, multiple voices, and the option to upload your own vocal recordings.

AI VoiceBot that's fast, effective, and affordable

It’s a strange time in AI. Discover the 4 forces shaping the world and your business.

Wherever you stand on AI, it’s emergence into customer service has already started. Within this decade, most interactions will touch advanced AI components at some stage. Read our guide for a sense check on your AI future.

Powered by
Cutting-Edge Technology


Multiple speech recognition modes can handle ‘AI assistant’ style voice commands as well as conversational sentences. Transcribed speech can be used to update records, or trigger automations.

VoiceBot Training

Your VoiceBot gets more intelligent the more interactions it has. By accessing its intents database you can teach it to recognise an ever-growing number of customer needs.

Natural Language Understanding

Artificial intelligence allows the VoiceBot to not just listen to customer, but understand them, and act intelligently for a better experience.


Advanced speech synthesis technology allows your VoiceBot to read your pre-written verbal responses in a neutral or gendered voice. You can even include dates, pauses, and emphasis.

Powering Excellence
for EnBW

Our client – a major European energy company that handles 150,000 calls per month – has gained half a million Euros in direct annual savings thanks to their babelforce VoiceBot implementation.
Fully Automated Interactions
Partial Interaction within Interactions
Automated Intent Gathering for Agents

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