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3. Oct 19th, 2016

Why low-code or no-code platforms are key to healing broken caller experiences

4. BPA Quality Jul 21st, 2016

Automatic Call Distributor vs Modern routing

5. Feb 15th, 2016

6 factors affecting VoIP call quality


Our story

We focus on enabling deeply integrated experiences that touch your call center. You can integrate everything through a no code platform. On babelforce you get the flexibility of the programmer and the API economy without the code and project overhead. We are a team combining contact center & telecoms veterans with rockstar developers & extreme sport experience designers. Anyone who has tried to optimize experiences or processes that touch the call center will have a list of war stories: every initiative you try hits technical and process barriers. Your great vision gets hacked away piece by piece. “Death by a thousand workarounds” is what we call it. We set out to change this.

When you have a business initiative in your call center we want to ensure that you can build anything – technical barriers should not get in your way. It is our firm belief that companies should be able to integrate all core business solutions with carrier-grade telecommunications and deliver any call flow and call center process without the need for expensive IT or software projects.

We prove every day that a business does not have to trade off quality against cost. We want companies to have 10 times better communications solutions. That’s why we’ve built our cloud services and apps platform on top of a multicarrier telecoms network – we have more than 40 carriers integrated. We want to be able to guarantee high-quality service – our customers should be able to rely on their teams having the highest quality communications possible!

Management Team

Operations and Telecommunication Experts,COO

Christian Förster

Christian has over 14 years experience in telecommunications and customer communications solutions. Christian has delivered solutions for enterprise customers, as well as launching numerous products to enable particular areas of customer contact: IVR, cloud communications platforms. Christian leads the team that ensures the success of customer projects built using babelforce.
Head Of Technology

Timo Friedl

Timo has over 10 years experience in software architecture, software development, virtualization and large scale communications systems. Timo has founded several software development teams and worked on projects at Rocket Internet. He is the architect of the extraordinarily open and flexible babelforce platform.
Customer Experience and Contact Center Process Expert, CEO

Pierce Buckley

Pierce has over 15 years experience in creating and managing customer experiences. He has been involved in deploying contact center and omnichannel customer service solutions and infrastructure for both large enterprises and SMBs. He is passionate about products that involve communities to create something great: communities of developers, partners, contractors.

Brand assets

The company name “babelforce” is a registered word mark and is displayed all lower case including the first “b”.

babelforce is a global cloud communications platform focussed on no-code integration and automation. It allows non-technical people to build even the most complex of integrated processes.
babelforce is a global cloud communications platform focussed on no-code integration and automation. Build and manage any call handling process. Leverage our global telecommunications infrastructure to offer premium call quality. Connect your devices, channels and integrate your core business tools – no coding required.
babelforce is a global cloud communications platform focussed on no-code integration and automation Build and manage any call handling process. Leverage our unique multi-carrier telecoms network to offer premium call quality and connect your devices. Any combination of SIP clients, softphones and deskphones can be joined up, allowing you to offer a truly connected VoIP service across your teams.

Measure all aspects of your phone service with deep integrations to other business tools – no coding required. Our open API allows you to perform any pre-built or customized action in your Helpdesk, CRM, KPI or BI dashboard. Make sure your customers get to the right agent by designing end-to-end caller journeys with apps for IVR, queueing, routing and scheduling.

The babelforce platform can be customized for your core business needs. Blend integrated outbound calling with skills-based routing for inbound calls. Set recording controls for compliance requirements or automate your support with triggered SMS and dynamic IVR systems. Your existing resources and call handling processes are combined and managed from one platform..
Deep control of infrastructure & flexible integration access through APIs to all your core business tools. Optimize customer service simply with “no-code automation” approach.
With deep control of APIs agents are able to see any data from the calls inside business tools they use. Automated integrations make sure that every event in a call can act on other interfaces.
Watch the video and see how easy it is to improve CX with automatic call distributor (ACD) and route calls to the right agents based on their skills.

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