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Integrate your Telephony & Streamline your Contact Center

Why live with incremental change when you can have transformative change?
We’ve built the world’s first contact center platform that integrates with anything, automates 90% of customer service tasks and is guaranteed channel-agnostic.



G0 Omnichannel

Enterprise Integrations

We’ve worked with our partners at Salesforce and Zendesk to create powerful, out of the box 2-way integrations. You’ll have the power to connect telephony, emails, SMS and more to Salesforce or Zendesk in real-time.

Fed by accurate data from multiple sources, custom automations will keep your agents informed, your admin effortless, and your customers happy.

Any channel, any query, all the context

Modern customers expect a seamless experience whichever channel they reach you on. If you can give them that, the savings and increased customer lifetime value add up to millions.

Your data does more when it’s in the right place at the right time.

What does great customer service really come down to? It’s knowing who you’re dealing with, what they want, and how they’ve interacted with you in the past.

In a word: context. 

That’s why we’ve built a platform that integrates deeply with the systems you depend on. Valuable customer insights automatically shapes customer journeys as well as helping out agents and cutting out manual research.  

Support your Agents
with Automation

Let your agents focus on outstanding service.

Repetition is boring. Data entry is boring. Reading old tickets, taking down customer information, wrestling multiple UIs… boring.

What’s worse is that humans aren’t even good at these tasks. Compared with automated systems, humans are slow, unreliable and very, very expensive.

What humans are good at is listening, understanding and connecting. And that’s what automation is all about – giving the boring stuff to the robots so real humans can talk.

The best way to a seamless customer experience?
Seamless agent experience.

If you can get that right, your contact center agents:

Can say goodbye to unnecessary tasks like manual dialing, ticket creation and CRM admin.

Don’t have to make your customers wait while they search through siloed data for basic information.

No longer have to waste customer time by making them answer the same repetitive intent questions.

How to treat a million customers as individuals

9 out of 10 customers expect you to remember their
previous conversations with you. In other words,
they don’t want to repeat themselves.

babelforce automatically collates a caller’s previous interactions (across telephony, email and more) and serves them to the agent.

When the call connects, the agent can see the reason for the call, purchase history and full contextual information within the system of record.

Your agent gets to focus their full attention on giving the caller a first-class experience that keeps them coming back to your brand.

No Code Development for Contact Centers

Does your ideal customer service ever seem unattainable? We’re here to change that.

babelforce gives you the tools to build your own contact center workflows and automation. Instead of spending months working with developers, you can create the workflows your customers want – in a matter of weeks or even days.

Businesses around the world use our flow builder to create intelligent IVR systems, outbound dialing, custom routing, and much, much more.

Powering Excellence
for VidaXL

International retailer VidaXL needed to maintain high quality customer service during a period of extraordinary growth. babelforce’s flexible workflow builder allows VidaXL to scale their customer service telephony as their business expands. 

“Using babelforce has removed many of the constraints that made it hard to scale our customer support [and] made it far simpler to create consistent services, globally.”

Echo MaoCS Application & Data Team Leader at VidaXL

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