Hello. We're babelforce.
It's nice to meet you!

Allow us to introduce ourselves. We’re based in Berlin, but our team are spread across Europe, and beyond. We’re dog (and cat) lovers, bookworms and film-buffs, and (most importantly) CX geeks.

babelforce is the composable voice platform uniting agents and automation. Our platform gives you the power to create the customer experiences you’ve always wanted, with tools anyone can use.

If you can draw it on a whiteboard,
you can build it with babelforce.

Why do we exist?
And what do we do?

We started babelforce in 2013

because we realized something – that making customer experience high quality at scale is hard. Really hard. Maybe that’s why so many contact centers greet customers with fragmented experiences: hoop jumping, repetitive questions, you know the kind of thing.

We have the power to make CX great

And once we’d realized that, we had to find a way to make it happen. After all, your customers are important, and giving them a great experience when they get in touch is a surefire way to turn customers into lifelong fans.

We built the babelforce platform

to give you the power to create unforgettable customer experiences. Build your ideal customers journeys, and automate the fiddly stuff that bores your agents and customers. Connect the things that aren’t, but should be. And see what a difference it makes.

Meet our Founders

Christian Forster


Christian has over 20 years experience in telecommunications and customer communications solutions. He has delivered solutions for enterprise customers, as well as launching numerous products to enable customer contact.

Timo Friedl

Head of Engineering

Timo has over 15 years experience in software architecture, software development, virtualization and large scale communications systems. He founded several software development teams and worked on projects at Rocket Internet.

Pierce Buckley


Pierce has more than 20 years’ experience in the CX and contact centre industry, having started out as a Machine Learning Mathematician. He’s delivered customer service infrastructure deployments for large enterprises and SMBs.

Partner with us.

Sometime soon, you’re going to pat yourself on the back.

And it’ll be because you talked to our partnerships team.

Because you grew your business, developed revenue streams and made your entry into new markets as a babelforce partner.

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