babelConnect + Salesforce: outstandingly omnichannel CX (with automation)

Lake Falconer
18 July 2023

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Customers today expect more than just a quality product or service – they expect an engaging, personalized experience. To give you an idea, 48% of customers in 2022 jumped ship to different brands in search of better customer service.

Believe it or not, 90% of customers come back for more if they’ve had a good experience with a brand. And Salesforce’s powerful CRM platform can help make that happen. 

Of course, voice-based interactions have never been their sole or primary focus…but that’s where babelConnect comes in.

As specialists in voice automation and call center telephony, we’ve developed a CX automation tool called babelConnect, which integrates seamlessly with Salesforce.

The combination, which unlocks truly omnichannel interactions, is nothing short of transformative. 

The Case for Salesforce

Over the years, Salesforce has made a strong case for itself as the go-to solution for businesses looking for a holistic view of their customers. With a whole host of tools designed to track the customer journey, provide personalized experiences, automate marketing, and much more, the value it brings to the table is significant.

And it’s not just hype either – Salesforce has the numbers to back up its reputation. Companies that implement Salesforce’s CRM software can increase their annual revenue by 20%, with an average ROI of 50% in just over one year.

But while Salesforce excels at a broad range of critical customer management tasks, it hasn’t traditionally been focused on voice-based customer interactions. This is where babelConnect helps to seamlessly bridge the gap.

Augmenting Salesforce’s CX smarts with babelConnect

Designed specifically for enterprise contact centers, babelConnect is the perfect complement to Salesforce. Easily integrated into Salesforce’s existing platform, babelConnect enhances the already-powerful CRM with a sophisticated telephony solution. 

This pairing takes everything Salesforce already does exceptionally well and connects a powerful voice channel to every other channel.

Realizing Omnichannel Excellence…with automation

According to a report by Invesp, businesses that adopt omnichannel engagement strategies retain 89% of their customers, compared to just 33% for those without. That’s one way to understand the importance of a unified customer experience strategy.

But let’s illustrate what it means for the customer – with a practical example.

Imagine a customer begins their journey with an email inquiry about a product or service. The automated system acknowledges their inquiry and promises a prompt response.

In the meantime, the customer decides to continue the conversation via a chat function. 

Ordinarily this might cause confusion – two competing inquiries – but not with an omnichannel setup.

When the system is integrated intelligently, it knows that these two communications are part of the same interaction.

And the support agent who picks up the web chat can see all the customer’s previous interactions (including that initial email). All gathered together for reference. 

babelConnect enables omnichannel context for agents in Salesforce

Of course, that’s all text based. What happens if, after the email and chat, the customer decides to phone you up?

This is where babelConnect’s voice automation gets involved.

First the customer encounters a VoiceBot which uses Natural Language understanding to find out what the customer wants.

(Then it can decide whether there need to be follow up questions – if there are, there are no ‘please press 2’ menus involved at all.)

Once the VoiceBot gathers enough information, it forwards the call to a human agent. This time, the agent’s view of the interaction history includes everything the VoiceBot just found it. 

Effectively, it takes notes (with speech transcription) and passes them on. 

And suddenly voice is no longer a barrier to efficient, automation-supported omnichannel experiences.

Did you know that: 90% of customers expect an omnichannel experience from their favourite brands AND 90% of customers will repeat purchase after a positive experience.

Automate your processes…in and out of Salesforce

One real game-changer with babelConnect is how it brings in an automated process builder just for contact centers. 

What is process automation for the contact center?

Picture it like a helpful assistant that takes care of the mundane, repetitive stuff so agents can concentrate on the tasks that really need a human touch.

Let’s say an agent has to update customer records after every call. The automation builder can handle this automatically, freeing up the agent to dive straight into the next customer interaction.

Even more impressive, this isn’t limited to babelConnect alone. The automation can interact with Salesforce too, kicking off actions right there in the CRM system.

The result? Agents are less weighed down by manual tasks, and the work environment feels more productive. 

And that can only mean one thing – even better customer service. 

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Empathetic customer experience – with VoiceBot AI

You might think that process automation would fall down when it came to spoken language.

Not the case for babelConnect which, after all, is designed for the contact center.

Voice automation had to be as much a part of it as process automation.

One of the standout features of babelConnect is its advanced VoiceBot AI. 

This little helper is capable of shaving 45 seconds off every customer call, which saves €500,000 per month for every €500,000 customer calls.

In the average contact center, 75% of interactions are the same 6 common queries. That’s your golden ticket for work that’s easy to automate. The babelConnect VoiceBot brings full and partial automation to the table.

Full automation is for simple things, like submitting meter readings. Because the VoiceBot doesn’t just understand, it can act on the caller’s behalf as well – in this case by updating the database with their meter reading.

Partial automation is where the VoiceBot asks the caller what they need, handles some of the prep work like identity verification, and then connects them to a human.

In this case it’s not just about saving time. It’s also about improving the quality of each customer interaction.

With the VoiceBot handling routine tasks, your team can focus more on empathetic, creative problem-solving, which is something that AI just can’t replicate. 

It’s a blend of automation and human touch that can revolutionize your customer service experience. 

Smoother call handling – from within Salesforce

To help customer service reps work as efficiently as possible, babelConnect offers a call-handling widget that integrates directly into Salesforce’s interface.

This feature eliminates the need for agents to switch between different tabs or platforms while on a call. Everything they need is right in front of them, within the familiar Salesforce environment.

Imagine an agent working in a busy call center. Before the integration, each time a call came in, they’d have to scramble to pull up the customer’s information from various systems. Meanwhile the customer would have to wait. Boring and stressful for everyone involved.

Now when a call comes in, the customer’s details pop up in Salesforce, thanks to babelConnect. 

This means the agent can dive right into solving the customer’s issue instead of wasting time searching for information.

Less stress for the agent, less wait time for the customer, and much more effective customer service. That’s the magic of this integration

Intelligent two-way integration

What really makes the combo of babelConnect and Salesforce special is that it’s a two-way street. 

On one side, babelConnect turbocharges Salesforce with efficient CRM-integrated call handling. 

On the other, it takes all that important call info and loops it back into Salesforce. This means you can analyze the data and display it on your dashboards. 

All your customer interactions, regardless of the channel used, are captured, centralized, and ready for detailed evaluation.  

And once that’s happened, you can tap into it and power the custom automations within babelConnect. 

The result is that data moves seamlessly, arriving where and when it’s needed most, on either platform.

(And as a rule, we never hold onto your data for longer than necessary. It’s yours, and it stays in your CRM until it’s needed.)

The transition is easier than you think

Implementing new software can often feel daunting, especially when it involves altering workflows that your team is already familiar with.

But the integration of babelConnect and Salesforce is designed to be as smooth and uncomplicated as possible.

If you’re a Salesforce admin already familiar with building Salesforce automations, you’ll find that babelConnect’s No-Code automation builder is simple to navigate. 

You can easily leverage your existing Salesforce skills to create custom automations that boost the efficiency of your contact center.

Your agents benefit the most from this simple transition. They will continue to use Salesforce, but with the added functionality of smooth, efficient call handling. There’s no need to learn an entirely new system or switch between different platforms while on a call. 

With everything they need within the Salesforce environment, agents can work more effectively and deliver superior customer service.

It works with Salesforce Sales Cloud too

The benefits of the babelConnect-Salesforce integration extend beyond just customer service. For organizations grappling with large-scale lead generation and sales, the combined power of babelConnect and Salesforce Sales Cloud is sure to make an impact.

With Salesforce Sales Cloud, you gain a complete view of your customers. This includes activity history, key contacts, customer communications, and internal account discussions. 

Having access to this bird’s eye view allows your sales team to better understand your customers, anticipate their needs, and personalize their approach.

But what if you added something extra?

Seamless outbound dialling, from Salesforce

babelConnect takes your entire sales process up a level.

The automated outbound dialer taps directly into Salesforce contact lists, streamlining three key sales activities. 

The key is that – working together – Salesforce and babelConnect prioritize the most valuable contacts, and schedule them intelligently in the agent’s call list.

Spreading the day’s calls so that otherwise slow moments are used productively for sales outreach.

For customer retention, it eliminates manual searching and dialing, allowing your agents to connect instantly with the most at-risk-customers. And they don’t even have to manually dial.

With up-selling, the combined smarts of Salesforce’s lead prioritization and babelforce’s outbound logic dial the most receptive customers first.

It also allows you to automate callbacks thanks to contact recycling. If the customer can’t come to the phone, babelConnect records that in Salesforce. Then while the agent moves on, babelConnect reschedules the missed contact for later.

There’s a lot of automation here.

And lots of logic working away in the background.

So we’ve made sure that – even though dialling and list scheduling are automated – the agent always knows what’s going on.

Details appear automatically in Salesforce to show the agent who they’re calling, and why.

And all activity is logged against the customer’s contact and the agent’s profile in Salesforce for future reference.

The agent gets to focus on getting into the right headspace for their next call.

While we handle the boring bits.

“But will it work with my Sales processes?”

It’s true – a babelConnect-Salesforce combo levels up your sales effectiveness.

It actually saves 30-90 seconds per outbound call, and the LTV boosts can add up to millions.

But what if your sales processes are industry-specific, or customized for a niche audience?

The answer is: it won’t be problem.

You see, babelConnect doesn’t restrict you. It gives you tools to create the automated (Salesforce integrated) processes that will work for you.

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Are you interested in automating 90% of your customer service tasks?

If you’d like to see babelConnect supercharging Salesforce’s CX capabilities…you can!

We’re more than a little proud of what we’ve created, and we’d love the chance to show you:

  • What purpose-built contact center process automation does for your CRM
  • How it can streamline agent desktop to boost their efficiency by 20-40%
  • And how voice automation can reduce call handling time and enrich your customer data

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