babelforce is helping customer service teams get more out of Salesforce. Here’s how.

Jack Barton
28 October 2021

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Salesforce is a powerful CRM solution. It gathers customer data from throughout your organization and keeps it in a central hub that anyone can access. 

This has many benefits:

  • You get a complete view of a customer’s interactions with your business.
  • Everyone in your organization, no matter their department, can access the same data. 
  • The data helps you improve customer interactions, whether in sales or service

One of the key benefits of Salesforce is that you can connect third-party tools – allowing you to gather external data within the platform and automate actions between software. 

babelforce is the best way to integrate your call infrastructure with Salesforce. Once set up, you’ll be able to manage all customer contact in Salesforce.

This has several key benefits:

  • Minimize manual work by automating key tasks such as data entry, messaging, and scheduling.
  • Simplify contact handling by identifying incoming calls and sending customer data with calls automatically. 
  • Offer personalized customer experiences using the data you have stored in the Salesforce platform. 

The challenge

CRM software like Salesforce is a proven way to help customer-facing teams offer high-quality service. And while it’s easy to integrate messaging and digital platforms with your CRM, call capabilities are a more complex problem.

That’s because contact centers often have a complex infrastructure set up to deal with calls. It is made up of multiple parts: IVR, ACD, dialers, and more. 

Integrating all of this in a way that makes sense with a platform like Salesforce isn’t easy. But if you fail to do so, you miss out on being able to integrate your call data with customer data from the rest of your business.

That’s where babelforce comes in. Our powerful No-Code integration platform helps you connect virtually any call center tool with Salesforce. Once set up, your entire contact center will work as a unified system you can manage from within Salesforce.

This provides several huge benefits:

A single source of data

Integrating telephony with Salesforce ensures you have a single data source that anyone in your organization can access. There are no more data silos that can’t be accessed by other tools or teams.

  • Call logs and summaries sit alongside order history and email contact.
  • Agents use this data to get a full overview of customer problems and provide better support. 
  • Use data across multiple channels for a truly omnichannel experience.

The ability to set up powerful automation

Once your system is integrated, you can set up automation across all connected tools. An action in one tool sets off a reaction in another.  

  • Set up workflows to automate time-consuming manual tasks like data entry, reporting, and client onboarding.
  • Automatically send customer data to agents alongside incoming calls to provide better support. 
  • Route calls to the correct department by creating automated routing rules. Customers will always speak to the most relevant people.

Cutting edge-use cases

babelforce enables cutting-edge contact center use cases that significantly improve the customer experience. And they are improved by the data you have access to in Salesforce.

  • Virtual queuing cuts hold time by letting customers hang up and wait for a callback.
  • Proactive outbound service anticipates customer problems and sends them relevant help before they know the issue exists. 

VIP routing puts high-value customers to the front of the queue, ensuring they get fast service.

Never leave the Salesforce platform

The babelforce integration with Salesforce allows you to manage your entire contact center in a single platform. 

  • Answer inbound calls as tickets from within the Salesforce dashboard.
  • Click-to-call allows you to call customers by simply clicking on the button on their profile. 

Two-way messaging lets agents receive and send SMS from within Salesforce. It’s as easy as sending an email.

Easy No-Code set up

One of the biggest advantages of a No-Code system like babelforce is that anyone can use the platform to connect tools and set up automation.

You’re not required to have any programming knowledge. The entire system uses a simple visual editor that uses pre-built blocks of code. 

Setting up automation is as simple as choosing which tools to connect and then adding relevant pre-built integrations. 

  • Implement ideas faster without having to go through your developer team.
  • The people closest to the problem have the power to make required changes.
  • Free up your developers to focus on other challenges. 

Find out more about how babelforce works alongside Salesforce by booking a demo with one of our sales team today.

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News, guides and expert takes on all things customer experience and automation.

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