CSat Scores on the Floor? Try Joining up Your Customer Support Software

CSat Scores on the Floor? Join up Customer Support Software

Sometimes Customer Satisfaction (CSat) scores just will not go up.

However you tweak your service – revised scripts, new tools, evolving processes – customers still aren’t completely… satisfied.

So if it’s not scripts or tools or processes – what’s the real problem? *Maybe* it’s the integration (or lack of integration) between your tools.

Here’s how you can fix that. (Read ahead to find out how babelforce integrates with industry-leading tools.)


*How and Why* you’ll join up Customer Support Software

Customer Support Software has come a long way. Every inbound call center has some combination of Helpdesk, CRM, Ticketing and more.

But they don’t always have a great integration strategy.

The problem: businesses have invested a lot of years and dollars in technology. Lots of technology. The result is data siloes, awkward processes and – worst of all – long interactions. It’s the reason that, in 80% of call centers, agents have to access multiple systems for every interaction.  

The solution: API integration. With APIs, your call center can create processes and data sharing across systems. (You can read some examples below.)

In a typical 6-minute service call, 75% of the time is devoted to the manual research agents have to do. 

Can’t I just have one piece of customer support software – that does everything?

It’s a nice idea, isn’t it? Of course, you’d have to throw out everything you’ve already invested in. And put all your faith in one resource. And hope that the resource always adapts to your ever-changing needs. And scales, and remains affordable, and stays compliant

Does it still sound like a nice idea? Or is it the imaginary pot of gold at the end of the rainbow?

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So how does weak integration effect CSat?

You already know the answer to this one. After all, call centers say that disconnected tech is the single biggest problem they have.  

How does babelforce integrate with customer support software?

We’ve made sure that our platform integrates with the leading call tools and customer support software.

To give you an idea of what babelforce + partners can help you achieve, here are three of our most popular Helpdesk integrations.

babelforce + Freshdesk

It’s Freshdesk’s tenth birthday this year. (Happy birthday guys.) Over the last decade, they’ve become one of the leading pieces of customer support software.

If you’re a Freshdesk user you’ll already know about their great features. But here are a few things you can only do with Freshdesk+babelforce…

  • Tag call recordings and flag for assessment
  • Automatically add data to tickets
  • Send post-interaction surveys based on any criteria
  • Call from CRM with Click2Call
  • Integrate Helpdesk with telephony

The babelconnect app for Freshdesk lets you control call elements from within Freshdesk – meaning there’s much less screen switching. For example, our Click2Call function means agents can look at a ticket or CRM entry and immediately call that customer with the click of a button.

Users can also control call recording for guaranteed PCI DSS compliance, as well as tagging those recordings for flagging them for assessment.

Most important is the automation that babelforce adds. With babelconnect you can automatically add data to tickets based on call outcomes to make sure that no information gets lost. 

You can also automatically send post-interaction surveys based on any criteria you define. That’s especially important as, across every demographic, consumers prefer brands that ask for feedback.  

babelforce + Zendesk

Zendesk is the industry veteran when it comes to customer support software. They’re the main competitor for Freshdesk – but we’re completely neutral!

We also bring some pretty amazing features to Zendesk with the babelconnect app, such as…

  • Screen-pops for data-driven service
  • 2-Way SMS communication
  • Data automatically added to tickets
  • Custom ‘busy’ statuses
  • Helpdesk integration with telephony

Our screen pops of customer data mean agents always have relevant information about the customer they’re talking to – inbound or outbound. 

That’s important because most customers (over 70%) expect you to know who they are and what they’ve purchased. They also expect your call center to have insight into previous interactions. 

Custom busy statuses mean that you can easily decide the conditions for agents to be unavailable – in fact, there’s a lot about babelconnect that you can customize.

Something we’re especially proud of is the 2-way SMS power we bring to Zendesk. Not only because you can send SMS messages but because you can automate them based on certain triggers. 

SMS is a powerful but underused service and marketing tool; open rates for SMS messages are around 98% compared with only 20% for emails. Response rates are better too, at 45% compared with just 6% for email.

With babelconnect for Zendesk, you can find the entire history of SMS interaction saved in a customer’s ticket – so agents can find the entire history of an enquiry in one place.

Zoho Desk 

Zoho Desk is a relatively new player, coming on the scene in 2016. It’s hardly the underdog though – Zoho is a global business that started back in the mid-nineties. And, with the babelforce integration, Zoho Desk users can…

  • Customize call routing
  • Automatically add data to tickets
  • Click2Call
  • Get real-time customer data 
  • Integrate Helpdesk with telephony

babelforce also allows Zoho Desk users to integrate calls with tickets, making sure that no data is missed. That data is supplied in real-time to agents as calls are connected, drastically cutting back the ‘research’ time they need.

One of the greatest features of this integration is highly customizable call routing. With simple, no-code tools, you can set up any approach to routing you want with any conditions for incoming calls.

That’s a useful boost for CX in general, but it also pays for itself by increasing customer retention. Up to a third of customers who abandoned a business relationship in the last year did so because personalization was lacking

So what do you need to do?

If you want better quality scores (CSat, NPS, CES and the rest) there are a lot of things you can try. Customer feedback is invaluable. Agent feedback too. But in our experience, the best thing any call center can do is improve their integration strategy.

Why is that the best option? Because good integration upgrades basically every tool that you rely on, from Helpdesk, to CRM to telephony. It makes customer experience a lot better. It makes agents’ lives a lot easier. 

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