What is VIP call routing

What is VIP call routing

VIP call routing, also known as VIP routing or priority-based routing, is a telephony system that prioritizes incoming calls based on predefined criteria. It’s a way for call centers and customer service departments to make sure the more important calls are answered first.

VIP call routing works by assigning a priority level to each incoming call based on criteria set by the company. This can include factors like customer VIP status, reason for calling, or specific phone numbers. The higher the priority level, the more likely the call will be directed to an available agent. This way, high-priority calls are answered and handled promptly, while other calls may have to wait longer in the queue.

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VIP call routing: what are the benefits?
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VIP call routing vs. skills-based routing

VIP call routing and skills-based routing are two common functions of telephony systems used by call centers to assign incoming calls to the most appropriate agent. The two functions do overlap, but there are some key differences between the two.

VIP call routing connects a high-value caller to a contact agent with a shorter wait time. The agent may be specially trained for this in order to give these customers a premium experience. 

In this case, the telephony system routes using customer characteristics as criteria. These could include subscription level, lifetime value or how long they’ve been a customer for.

Skills-based routing is similar, but here the agent’s characteristics play a bigger role in determining call routing. Agents are tagged with specific skills, such a ‘speaks German’ or ‘trained for VIP customers’. Customers can be assigned automatically to the agent whose skill meets their need.

VIP call routing: What are the benefits?

VIP call routing is a valuable tool for call centers and customer service departments. Here’s a rundown of some of its benefits:

Instant engagement for your most engaged callers

53% percent of customers report feeling an emotional connection with the brands they buy from most often. VIP call routing can nurture these relationships by offering a faster and more personal connection to your regular customers. It’s a practical way to show that you value their consistent choice to engage with your brand.

VIP call routing makes each interaction count. When you connect your regulars with the right support, you’re meeting their immediate needs but also building a deeper relationship. This can increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, leading to their continued repeat business and positive word-of-mouth recommendations.

A chance to reward customer loyalty

It might sound surprising, but 58% of consumers are actually willing to pay more for a guaranteed exceptional experience. And for customers who are already spending more on your service than average, this number is likely to be higher. With VIP call routing, you can offer personalized attention that exceeds expectations for those who are most engaged with your services.

Effective call routing eliminates the need for multiple transfers and repeated information – both of which are often a sore point for customers. This is something your VIP customers will particularly appreciate, as it shows their time and loyalty are valued by your business.

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Faster resolutions for valuable customers

A clear majority of consumers, 82%, prefer to have their needs met in one interaction. VIP call routing can help you achieve this since it quickly connects customers with the most appropriate agent from the outset. And when your dedicated customers receive the attention they need quickly, it reduces their wait time and improves their overall experience.

This helps you meet the high expectations of your valued customers, but it also improves your overall operational efficiency. You can manage call flow better for all customers, which means a smoother operation and quicker service for everyone.

Omnichannel becomes more personal

The modern consumer doesn’t just stick to one mode of communication. They hop from one channel to another, but they also expect consistent service throughout. About 96% say they want the ability to switch channels effortlessly without having to repeat themselves.

VIP call routing doesn’t have to be confined to one channel. Some companies create a premium feel for their customers by giving them an instant route to a human agent that crosses between channels. German-based meal-kit business Marley Spoon phones customers back within 20 seconds of their requesting a callback from an app.

By making their VIP treatment span their contact channels, Marley Spoon deliver customer service interactions that feel both premium and modern.

Retain your highest-value customers

Acquiring new customers can be expensive. In fact, it can cost up to five times more to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing one. This is where the value of VIP call routing systems can’t be underestimated. By prioritizing the retention of high-value customers, these systems can help you hold on to the customers that are most valuable to your business.

While it is important to provide excellent service to all customers, directing more retention resources to those with the highest lifetime value is a strategic allocation. This approach doesn’t neglect the customer base – it creates a tiered support system that efficiently resolves the needs of those who are most invested in your brand.

Get started with VIP call routing

So how can your business start implementing VIP call routing to improve customer experience and retain valuable customers? Here are some steps you can take:

Identify VIP callers

Start by identifying which of your customers bring the most value to your business. There are a few ways you could calculate this. For example:

  • Identify customers who purchase from your business more frequently.
  • Customers with high lifetime value.
  • Large companies or organizations that contribute a significant portion of your revenue.

You may also need to train your team on how to treat these VIP customers. You could do this by providing special handling instructions or additional resources that may be needed to serve VIP customers effectively.

Get your technology in place

VIP call routing requires the right call center tech. You’ll need an Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) to efficiently route incoming calls to the right agents.

The ACD system is configured to consult the CRM database using pre-defined criteria such as purchase frequency, lifetime value, and revenue contribution to pinpoint VIP customers the moment a call is received.

Once identified, these VIP callers are routed to a specialist agent who can then access all relevant customer information instantly. In this way, calls are not only handled more efficiently but also more thoughtfully, acknowledging the customer’s value to the business. What you get is a more refined, customer-centric experience.

VIP call routing is a win-win

Not only does VIP call routing improve the customer experience, but it also benefits your business all the way down to your profit margins. babelforce provides ACD with CRM integration, making it easy to set up VIP call routing for your business. If you’re interested in exploring how VIP call routing can benefit your business, contact babelforce today for a demo and more information.

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