What is a Call Whisper? The Call Center Agent’s Secret Helper

Lake Falconer
2 August 2023

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When it comes to customer support, answering a call blind is never ideal. But it wouldn’t really be practical for the call center manager to hover over each agent coaching them on the right way to approach each customer. Luckily, call whispering is the next best thing (and far less unnerving!)

Call whispering is a technology that allows information to be passed to the agent just before or during a call, without the customer being aware of it. This helps the agent to be more prepared in their customer interactions.

There are actually two types of call whispering – automated and live – and we’re going to take a closer look at both of them below.

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In this article:

What is an automated call whisper?

To the uninitiated, an automated call whisper might sound a bit mysterious, but it’s actually quite simple. It’s a technology that allows the call center software to deliver vital information about the caller to the agent before they answer a call.

This helpful “whisper” could include vital details about the caller such as their language preference, previous interactions with the service team, or their customer status. It gives the agent a swift rundown, so they can start the call on the right footing.

The automated messages can be triggered by events like the information they’ve provided when they dialed in. Alternatively, if you run a call center serving multiple brands, it could be triggered by the number the customer called.

What is a live call whisper?

A live call whisper is a system where another person offers guidance that only agents can hear during a call with a customer. While automated call whispering equips the agent with valuable information before they answer the call, live call whispering offers real-time assistance and coaching.

This setup allows a supervisor or manager to speak directly into the agent’s headset, offering advice and instructions while the conversation with the customer is ongoing. The customer, meanwhile, remains completely unaware of this whispering support. 

This form of call whispering can be particularly valuable when an agent is dealing with a tricky call or needs guidance on specific processes or policies. The immediate feedback and instruction can help the agent to resolve calls quickly and efficiently while reducing escalations and complaints.

How can call whispering help your call center?

Call whispering, be it automated or live, can help call centers in several ways, including:

  • Faster call resolution.
    Automated call whispering gives agents the information they need to quickly resolve the call, with minimal back-and-forth. This speeds up the entire call and allows agents to work through their queues quicker.
  • Better customer experience.
    Since each caller is different, their needs and requirements differ too. Automated call whispering allows agents to modify their approach depending on each caller’s specifics. This means the caller receives a more personalized service that matches their needs. It also helps them brace for difficult conversations. You know the saying, forewarned is forearmed!
  • Improved agent performance.
    Live call whispering is excellent for boosting skills right in the heat of the moment. On-the-spot coaching and advice can help agents develop better and faster. Sometimes it’s a more productive approach than reviewing calls after the fact.
  • Quality assurance.
    Live call whispering can be a valuable tool for quality control. By observing calls and intervening when necessary, managers can make sure their customers are getting consistent, high-quality service. It can act as a safety net for agents who need help with a tricky call or are new to the job.

How does babelforce call whispering work?

Call whispering is an excellent way to help your agents deliver even better customer service while also keeping their performance consistent. Our call center solution includes both automated and live call whispering. With our No-Code call flow builder, implementing these features is very easy. Want to see for yourself? Schedule a free demo and find out how easy it is to set up call whispering in babelforce. 

Automated call whispering

To set up automated call whispering in babelforce, you first need to record and upload some short audio clips (preferably less than one second) – one for each customer group. Your customers may be divided by language, customer type, or any other criteria you choose.

Then, you can create a simple call flow module for each customer group and assign the appropriate audio. When a caller is connected to an agent, the module will play the relevant audio clip so that the agents know who they’re talking to.

Live call whispering

Live call whispering with babelforce is easy. Within the manager account, all you have to do is click on the headphone icon next to the active call you want to join and pop in the agent ID or number.

Your phone will ring and once you pick up, you can start listening to the ongoing call. You can then whisper advice to your agent without the customer knowing. It’s immediate support right when your agents need it the most!

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News, guides and expert takes on all things customer experience and automation.

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