Create Any Integrated Process

No-code automation platform

Deep data integrations configured by you

How we integrate

We allow you to create any integrated process. And regardless of complexity you won’t have to start an IT software project to do it. Using integrations in your business is only useful if the actions can be customized at any time and scaled to cover any number of interactions.

1. Get telephony in YOUR UI

telephony in UI

Our power inside your tools

Your agents need telephony where support and sales processes actually take place. babelforce packs telephony infrastructure into widgets – all you have to do is embed them into the UI of your core business tools.

Embed our widgets:

Your integrations – no IT project required

All process integration challenges are unique, which is why general, fixed integration actions won’t do. Our customers configure their own integrations in a simple platform interface.

We’ve already made the small but complex interactions between telephony and other systems easy. This means you can build integrations from the ground up with friendly UI: boxes, buttons and drop-down menus.

Build integrations for:

2. No-code automations

no-code automations

Integrate any business processes with no coding needed!