The Right Way to Build Complex Integrations

Getting stuck with difficult integrations is a mega frustration for call center managers.

Our prospects often say things like:

“We started this automated call-back project 6 months ago, and I don’t know how we are nowhere near putting it live.”

This happens because they lack:
– a strategic approach,
– the right tools, and
– the required help to build that.

Over time, it becomes a story that the organization tells itself:

“Remember the last time we did such an integration? They told us it’d take 2 months but ended up taking 9 months, and even then it didn’t do what we wanted.”

I love how @Yello Storm GmbH solved this problem by always building an MVP in 2-3 weeks, using as much self-configuration and low code as possible.

Once they know it’s working, they spend the next 6 weeks rolling it out.

It exactly fits our philosophy at @babelforce:

If it’s not done and dusted in 6 weeks or less, it’s a badly designed project.

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