Automated Retention

Lock in your most valued customers with personalized, timely & automated outbound communication.

Automated retention

Increase your customers' lifetime value

There’s more to customer retention than just providing a great product. You need to nurture your relationships and keep customers engaged with your brand if you want to turn them into lifelong advocates. 

With babelforce’s automated retention capabilities, you can do just that. By sending targeted, strategic messages to your customers at key points in their customer journey, you can keep them informed, engaged, and loyal.

Ultimately, it costs more to acquire a new customer than it does to keep an existing one — so automated retention saves you money in the long run by helping you lock in your most valued customers.

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Unburden your agents and focus on customer service

With automated retention you can take a proactive approach to customer churn. That frees up your agents to provide an excellent customer experience without the admin burden.

Advanced auto-dialing, automated call scheduling and messaging ensure that your outbound campaigns will reach more customers in less time — without your agents lifting a finger.

Holding on to your most valued customers is essential to the long-term success of your business, and automation is your biggest weapon in the fight against customer churn.

Personalize your outbound retention campaigns

Create highly personalized retention campaigns that are  always align with your end-to-end customer strategy. With the help of AI, you can automatically identify the churn-risk customers and target them with the right comms, at the right time.

And with features like real-time data and campaign insights, you can track the performance of your automated retention campaigns and make adjustments on the fly to ensure they are always meeting your objectives.

Automated retention is the key to customer loyalty

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In today’s fiercely competitive marketplace, customer retention is more important than ever. Customers expect a high level of service, and they’re quick to take their business elsewhere when their needs aren’t being met.

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