Automated Self-service

Help customers to help themselves with a range of integrated and context aware self-service channels.

This time, the best option is the easiest option

Self-service is a bad idea when it’s just a barrier to agents. It’s a bad idea when it’s just a cost saving measure. And it’s a bad idea when it doesn’t really work. 

So… is self-service just a bad idea? 

Not at all! In fact, self-service remains some of the lowest hanging fruit when it comes to improved customer sentiment and greater contact center efficiency.

Automated self-service
Cloud Contact Center


Offer callers rapid solutions with next gen conversational tools, integrated with your Helpdesk and CRM.

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Put your IVR to better use by collecting customer data and scheduling agents callbacks at low-traffic times of day.

CRM call center


Achieve instant response times with automated messaging in SMS, email, WhatsApp and elsewhere.

Automated Self-service


Make it super easy for agents to join self-service interactions in progress, with full data and context.

Empower customers and unburden agents

Do you know who wins when it comes to self-service? It’s everyone. Everyone wins. If self-service channels are easy to navigate, integrated with customer data and offer the kinds of solutions that agents can offer, self-service is a no-brainer. 

But that’s a big “if”. Most contact centers fall at one of these hurdles, with self-service offers that are weakly integrated with their data and their customer service workflows. The result is self-service that fails customers – something agents are bound to hear about. 

We don’t treat self-service as an afterthought, or just a way to save money. Sure, the cost savings are huge – but only when self-service is deeply embedded into your contact center. That’s where we get started; book your personal demo now to find out more. 

automated self-service

Cut waiting times to almost nothing

People aren’t patient. So when you’re looking for the simplest ways to improve customer sentiment, shrinking service times is one of the smartest things you can do. 

Self-service usually brings instant resolutions to between half and three quarters of customers with routine queries. That leaves agents to focus on the issues that need the human touch.

Shrink your cost-to-serve

It goes without saying that the fractional cost of self-service – generally less than 5% of the cost of an agent conversation – frees up a lot of investment for your customer services. 

But there are also major secondary cost benefits including improved agent retention and customer satisfaction, and reduced outsourcing or overflow costs.

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“Using babelforce has removed many of the constraints that made it hard to scale our customer support. That, plus the huge potential for automation, has made it far simpler to create consistent services, globally.” ”
CS Application and Team Data Leader

Scale your business faster with self-service

Ambitious businesses want to double, triple and quadruple in size. That means new storefronts, new products, and definitely new customers.

But what about new contact centers? It’s rare that a business can afford to keep adding agents forever. In fact, some of the world’s largest businesses have the smallest customer service teams. The trick is great self-service that fits right into existing agent-based service.

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of Millennial customers favor self-service over all alternatives

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reductions in cost are a typical byproduct of digital self-service programs

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of consumers say they should have the ability to solve a product or service issue on their own

Put your customers in the driving seat

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It makes no sense to say either “customers want self-service” or “customers want to speak to agents”. Your customers are a lot of different people. They want a lot of different things. 

The one thing they all want is the ability to choose. If you can give your customers options – and make those options worthwhile – both you and your customers can benefit from self-service.  

Now’s the time to let your customers choose.