Conversational AI

Remove friction from your IVR and bring speedy solutions to your customers with smart conversational tools.

Take the sting out of high contact volumes

You serve a generation of consumers with conversational assistants in their homes. They are more than ready to access the same convenience in customer service.

Alexa and Siri have done all the heavy lifting.

Now’s the time to reap the returns, with automatable conversations at virtually any scale. Bring fast and effective solutions to your customers with high-precision, low cost conversational AI. 

conversational AI
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Text to

Make stock responses a thing of the past – any message your agents can convey, your IVR can too.

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Customer intent recognition

Leverage NLU technology not only to hear customers, but to genuinely understand the full context of their query.

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Bring automation to key points in customer service or automate entire queries end-to-end.

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Speech to

Communication goes both ways. Auto-transcribe customer speech to establish context across channels.

AI can be your best “agent”

Your IVR system is probably the resource that’s most used by your customers. So – do they love it? Does it make their day easier and their route to a good outcome simpler? If not, that sounds like a problem.

Conversational assistants can be the solution. The last decade has seen several incredible leaps in both how widely used and how precise they are. The technology is available to businesses of all sizes and – most importantly – customers are ready to engage. 

Our conversational AI toolkit allows you to bring Alexa-style functionality to your services, automating key moments or entire interactions in 70+ languages out of the box. Book your personal demo now to discover the limitless possibilities of babelforce’s conversational AI.

conversational ai

Contain more calls at self-service

Traditional IVR systems have usually found value as a routing system only. Conversational AI goes further and works as a complete self-service channel. 

How much of your call volume is the same dozen or so routine queries? That’s how much you could cut the volume of calls that tie up agents.

Equip agents with granular data

Even with conversational self-service in place, plenty of calls require the skills and attention of an agent. 

AI tools continue to add value by compiling call and customer data and handing it over to agents, allowing them to focus on what really matters – great conversations.

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“We’ve created a customer experience that is far superior – it’s amazing. babelforce offers you pretty much anything you can imagine to fulfill your customer service needs.”
Head of Customer Service

Help customers to help themselves

Customers want quick resolutions to their issues. In the vast majority of cases, their needs are as simple as that – and a well-deployed self-service offer is the key. 

It’s not about trapping customers in a cheaper service option, or putting walls between channels; it’s about giving customers the right opportunities, in the right order, to access the services they need. It’s about building the best possible relationship between your customers and your brand. 


of a typical 6 minute call is conversation. The rest is manual research 

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of customers say conversational tools significantly improve their experience

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of callers say traditional IVRs leave them feeling either stressed, angry or frustrated

Conversational AI is the most adaptable tool you don’t have

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One quarter of US adults use a conversational assistant  every single day; conversational AI for customer service isn’t just happening. It has already happened. 

At babelforce we work closely with our clients to map conversational tools onto their existing IVR infrastructure and service processes, bringing in a whole new service channel with zero disruption. 

It’s time to meet your most successful, fully automated team member – book your demo now.