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Customer Service Leaders Interview | Boris of Remix

babelforce call center process expert Pierce Buckley spoke with Boris Petrov of Remix about conquering customer experience challenges with deep integrations between the phone service and contact center tools.

No code automation – Build anything

Boris was able to execute his customer service and customer experience strategy directly on the platform. Our no-code principle allowed Boris to learn quickly how to design and integrate his phone service in line with Remix’s business objectives and requirements.

Challenge 1: Playing adverts and promotions

Remix needed to incorporate commercial messages into the caller’s waiting experience, requiring a flexible way of uploading and implementing audio files. Not only this, but these ad messages had to be played randomly with a weighted priority.

Challenge 2: Prioritizing agent selections

Boris’s agents are divided up into priority groups. This means that for every call, the babelforce platform dynamically tests their availability and selects them according to flexible pre-defined rules.

[qodef_blockquote text=”“Playing ad messages randomly and with weighted priorities during the waiting experience was a piece of cake.”” title_tag=”h5″ width=””]

Why babelforce: Achieve superior customer experience

The babelforce platform enables Remix to achieve a fully joined-up customer view for their agents, integrating customer data from calls with ticketing and internal databases in real time. The result: cutting-edge customer experiences.

[qodef_blockquote text=”“Choosing babelforce has proven to be the right decision. The customer experience is far superior – it’s amazing.”” title_tag=”h5″ width=””]

Boris is Customer Service Manager at Remix Second Hand. Remix is the biggest second-hand e-shop in Europe, with 200,000 products online at any time. See the full interview for more on how Boris is creating outstanding customer experiences on the babelforce platform:

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