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How Homeday obtained a 360° view of the customer journey with babelforce

Homeday elevated their end-to-end customer experience after incorporating babelforce into their operations. Providing a full view of the customer’s journey and the opportunity to make data-driven decisions, babelforce was the catalyst for Homeday’s customer service transformation.

360° view

of the customer journey

100% flexibility

to meet scaling demands

100+ agents

1 unified platform


Real-time integration with Zendesk

About Homeday

Meet Homeday, one of the fastest-growing real estate brokerages in Germany. Since opening their doors in 2015, they’ve been shaking up the property space with a highly personal, meticulous approach to property transactions.

They’re quickly becoming the go-to brokers for thousands of people looking to make their dream move a reality. With over 17,000 properties successfully brokered and a team of 200+ experts, they’ve mastered the art of making life easier for buyers and sellers alike.

Use Case:

Real estate company 
200+ employees
Customer service transformation

Scaling Demands: More Property Sales, More Customers

Homeday, while scaling rapidly, found themselves grappling with some inevitable growing pains. As their clientele grew, so did the pressure on their customer support agents to meet the increasing service demands.

Ensuring each customer received the attention they deserved quickly became a tricky puzzle to solve. Not only did they need to handle a rising volume of calls, but they also needed to effectively manage a dispersed team of agents.

As it stood, they had no IVR in place. When customers contacted them, their calls would simply go to a general phone number, which meant the process was inefficient, with agents having to manually forward calls to relevant team members.

Homeday wanted to offer a more personalized experience for their clients, where callers could be automatically routed to the team or agent most suited to their individual case. They felt like it was time to revamp their entire approach to customer support, but they needed a reliable and flexible solution to help them get there.

The Quest for the Perfect Platform

The team at Homeday wanted a tool that facilitated a seamless, personalized customer experience and allowed them to manage their growing team of agents.

They had a few must-haves on their wish list including a high level of flexibility, agility, and user-friendliness, so they could easily make changes and have more internal control over the platform. With their team spread across multiple locations as well, a tool that could give their agents accurate real-time visibility would also be invaluable.

The journey towards finding the right tool began, and Homeday quickly landed on babelforce as a leading contender. The ability to make impactful changes themselves and implement their own solutions without having to work through a developer was a huge draw.

Getting Started with babelforce

Homeday was ready to give babelforce a try, but first, they needed to learn the ins and outs of the platform. Getting started with any new system can be intimidating, and the team at Homeday were skeptical at first that babelforce could truly enable them to build and design their own solutions. However, one of the first things they noticed was how well the UI was designed for easy navigation.

Malgorzata Pietrzak, Senior Operations Manager at Homeday appreciated how logically information was laid out in the babelforce Manager. “I think it makes sense how information is grouped together. If you add some inputs into the Manager, let’s say, it shows you this is what it’s going to affect.”

This made it easy for the team to understand how changes would impact their system.

Support at Every Step

The Homeday team was also pleasantly surprised by just how much support was available during the onboarding process and beyond. babelforce’s support team was always just a phone call away. If they needed to engage more deeply with the product, their dedicated Customer Success Manager was always on hand to walk them through the right steps.

“When it comes to support, especially Customer Success, I really like it. Whenever I had an issue or I had a question like, ‘how should I set something up?’, they were super knowledgeable, super helpful. Either they’re able to point me to where I can read the info or what steps I should follow, or they help me to actually set it up. So, in terms of the support I receive, that’s amazing.”

Malgorzata Pietrzak
Senior Operations Manager

Every query was met with an effective solution, and the team received valuable assistance in setting up new processes. If needed, the support team would even take it upon themselves to personally set up the functionality they wanted and also teach them how to comfortably do it internally next time. This gave Homeday the confidence to move forward and get up and running quickly.

Seamless Integration, Superior Service

Transitioning to a babelforce-empowered contact center setup is easy due to the platform’s ability to integrate with other systems. This meant that Homeday would be able to connect babelforce to Zendesk – the helpdesk platform they were already using.

babelforce’s ability to plug effortlessly into Zendesk can empower contact center agents with a full, clear view of each customer’s history in real-time, resulting in a more personalized and effective service.

Equipped with all relevant customer information at their fingertips, agents can focus on delivering excellent service without toggling between systems to find information.

Homeday Embraces No-Code

With babelforce now fully integrated into their Zendesk system, Homeday was getting into the swing of using it. They quickly realized that “No-Code” is where it’s at. The Homeday team could now set up their own IVR call flows, create specific campaigns or contact groups and gain insights into the customer journey that were completely unavailable to them before.

Customized functionality is 10X Quicker to create with no-code tools.

Malgorzata Pietrzak reckons it’s this level of flexibility and simple No-Code approach that really set babelforce apart. “A lot of things we can do ourselves – we can actually build the IVR”. This level of control was perfect for Homeday, and the team quickly gathered the confidence to start building new functionalities within babelforce.

“We have a lot of options that we didn’t have before. Like customers leaving us voicemails, for example, we’re now able to do that. We now know exactly how many calls come in, and which team they are sent to. I’m able to track what selection a customer makes until they actually get connected to the team. We get a lot more visibility about the customer journey than we had previously.”

Malgorzata Pietrzak
Senior Operations Manager

Homeday's Transformation with babelforce

The implementation of babelforce initiated a powerful shift within Homeday. Before adding babelforce to their tech stack, they had to rely on anecdotes from agents to inform their decisions. While this was enlightening to a certain extent, it could only take their customer experience so far. With babelforce in place, everything changed.

A 360-degree View

Now, Homeday could actually monitor and understand the customer journey – something that was out of reach before babelforce. This not only improved the visibility of call tracking, but also led to a surge in data-driven decisions through customer journey mapping

CX data reduces operational cost by 25% when used in decision making.

If they had a theory, they could test it, measure it, and act accordingly thereafter. They could also see exactly how many calls were coming in and track the customer’s journey the whole way through. This enabled them to assess and refine their customer service processes at will.

Creating New Solutions

The “do-it-yourself” nature of babelforce was a big reason why Homeday chose the platform in the first place, and they continued to explore different ways that they could use it to take their customer service to the next level.

For example, Homeday wanted the ability to understand how customers were using the IVR. What options were customers selecting and how could they improve call routing?

Without any coding, they were able to build their own solution, which allowed them to see exactly how customers used the IVR from the moment they accessed it.

Smarter Outbound Campaigns

babelforce didn’t just improve Homeday’s inbound customer service; it gave their outbound campaigns a major boost too. The babelforce dialer gave Homeday a new level of control, making campaigns smarter and more effective.

This was especially true when Homeday needed to dig deep for answers to special research questions. With all the key information right in front of them, agents could quickly understand the context of their calls without any extra effort.

The result? Homeday’s outbound campaigns became more efficient, and their agents felt more prepared and focused. This upgrade helped the company enhance their customer service.

Automated outbound dialing saves 30 - 90 seconds per call.

Life Gets Better for Agents Too

Another great addition to Homeday’s workflow was babelforce boards. They had the ability to create a widget that allows agents to see exactly how many of their fellow team members were working, how many calls were waiting, and how many were in the queue at any given moment.

This meant agents benefited from better visibility and were far better equipped to handle their workloads. They also relished having all the customer information they needed at their fingertips.

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