IVR Systems

IVR System

IVR menu control

IVR system control gives you the unlimited ability of designing your IVR applications. We give you the tools to build services exactly how you want, and the freedom to configure their settings at the deepest level, any time. Set DTMF inputs to be read, and use these options and inputs as variables to affect other parts of the call flow in your contact center. Simplify complex processes into efficient call flows with flexible condition-based menu choices.   

Structure services with IVR system

Order and optimize the efficiency of the service you provide over the phone. Menu structures can be used to offer multichannel services: SMS, email or voice. Then integrate the customer experience with the key web tools you use – helpdesk and CRM systems. Use the power of IVR technology to join up your core business processes, be it phone payments, automated support, out-of-hours service, etc. 

IVR System

Integrate any business processes with no coding needed!

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