Premium VoIP Calls

Premium VoIP Calls

Call centers are as good as their infrastructure

There is no way to run a successful call center without a very high-quality infrastructure for voice traffic. We are experts at helping businesses to ensure that their networks and end-to-end call routes are of the highest possible quality for VoIP calls. We help businesses to understand and master the 6 factors that have the most impact on voice quality. If you are setting up a new center or migrating from VoIP software, then we can help you assess your readiness and advise on the best approach to ensure your success.

How many carriers do you need for resilience?

Maybe your call center has 2 or 3 carriers connected? We use over 40 carriers and 300 integrated service providers. Floods happen, nodes on the telecoms network do go down sometimes (not often but it happens). Even tier one carriers have issues sometimes. If you want to ensure the maximum possible up time for both inbound and outbound telecommunications, then it is a huge advantage to use a multi-carrier platform. If in addition you ensure high availability internet access with an optimised network for a VoIP phone system, then it is likely that you can achieve better overall VoIP call quality and performance than with a traditional local deployment and dedicated telecoms links.

Integrate any business processes with no coding needed!

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