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How Orgadata unified global customer service teams

For Orgadata, customer service *is* customer loyalty. To provide global support, they needed a unified system for all teams.
How ratioparts is building a profit center with babelforce

How Ratioparts is building a profit center with babelforce

Gardening and forestry equipment business Ratioparts needed a way to manage seasonal demand peaks in customer service.

CX Transformation with VoiceBot automation

Learn how a major German energy company, saves €500,000+ per year thanks to their babelforce VoiceBot.
Modernizing Customer service

Stadtwerke Hamm meets changing customer needs with babelforce

Stadtwerke Hamm, a regional energy supplier in Germany, modernized their telephony systems with babelforce. With transformative results.
A recipe for... Supercharged retention

Marley Spoon's recipe for retention

Marley Spoon's customer-centric business model needed a telephony system with the flexibility to put the human voice at the center of customer engagement
360° Visibility Of the customer journey

How Homeday gained a 360° view of the customer journey

Homeday gained full visibility of the customer journey and the ability to make data-driven decisions with babelforce.

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