Contact Recycling

Tackle your list of unanswered calls strategically with methodical, automated contact recycling.

contact recycling

Prevent valued customers from falling through the cracks

Every year, your contact center loses out on thousands of valuable customer interactions.  It’s inevitable – some calls will be rejected or go unanswered.

But letting all those calls go without a follow-up is a missed opportunity to reach a customer in need. It could mean the difference between a satisfied customer and a lost sale.

Contact recycling is a strategy that deploys call center software to automatically reschedule unanswered calls. This gives you the chance to claw back some of those missed connections and transform them into conversions.

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Compile your redial lists automatically

Automation is key to efficient contact recycling — and with babelforce, you can automatically compile your redial lists based on a range of custom criteria. This includes indicators like the number of contact attempts, days since the last contact, and customer profile.

Thanks to built-in segmentation, you can also create redial lists that target those who are most likely to convert and excludes customers who may feel frustrated by repeated calls.

It’s time to refocus your agents on building strong, lasting connections with customers, and not manual redial lists.

Analyze your contact attempts

babelforce’s reporting insights give you visibility into your contact recycling efforts, so you can see how many attempts were made to reach each customer and what the outcome was. This data can improve your contact strategy and ensure you’re making the most of every opportunity to reach your customers.

Armed with deeper insights, your agents can focus their time and resources more precisely, meaning more efficient customer outreach and happier customers as a result.

Ultimately, automatic contact recycling empowers your team to perform at their best, even while handling high call volumes.

Contact recycling facilitates growth.

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When used strategically, contact recycling can be a powerful tool that propels business growth. By calling back customers who couldn’t be reached initially, you can improve your chances of making a sale, cross-selling, or upselling your products and services.

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