Customer Service Personalization

Offer each and every customer an experience that fits their needs, while keeping your service goals front of mind with the help of a CRM call center.

Scrap “one size fits nobody” service

The good news is that personalization needn’t be difficult to achieve. You know who your customers are. You know why they contact you. 

Now you need to put that data to work. 

With babelforce, you’ll define complex experiences in simple terms and guide customers through the service that best fits their needs. A CRM call center will assist you in the best possible way.

service personalization
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KYC – Know Your Customer

Verify customers easily and automatically, and help keep their accounts and their data secure.

CRM call center

Cross-channel journey

Create streamlined cross-channel journeys for your customers that preserve the context of your conversation.

CRM call center


Turn your customers into brand advocates by anticipating their needs proactively.

CRM call center

Context-driven dialogues

Give your agents the full context of each query and help them resolve your customers’ issues faster.

Create the in-store feeling, anywhere

Personalization sounds great – until you try to define it. But what can you offer customers that they will genuinely value? In other words, how can you bring the in-store feeling to contact center service?

For customers, service personalization is pretty simple. They want you to know who they are. They want you to understand why they’ve contacted you before. They want a speedy resolution without repeating themselves.

And that’s the power the babelforce platform will bring to your contact center. Welcome  customers by name, offer services based on past interactions, and connect them to agents with the full context of their current query. Book your personal demo now to learn how.

customer service personalization

Why treat customers like strangers?

Nobody wants to feel like one faceless consumer among many – but that’s often the precise impression that customer services can give. 

Our deep data integration assembles the key details from each tool you rely on into a single location, giving agents real insight into the individual they’re talking to. 


Put each person on the right track

Personalization has a major positive impact on customer satisfaction and loyalty – but there are also huge operational benefits. 

By automating how queries are processed at scale, you’ll make a major impact on first contact resolution, average time to solution, and call transfer rate.

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“babelforce is very easy to use. Anyone who wants to make a positive impact on customer experience will be very happy with babelforce.”
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Anticipate your customers’ every need

Ultimately, personalization means more than meeting a customer’s needs in the moment; it means anticipating their future needs.

Combining intent data from your entire user base with the interaction history of individual customers gives you the ability to predict what they will need next – and to offer it before they even have to ask.

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of consumers say being treated like a person, not a number, is very important to winning their business

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of digital businesses are currently investing in personalization

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of client-side respondents report seeing an uplift since implementing personalization

Service personalization propels business growth

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Your challenge is to define the moments in customer journeys that will make your services shine. And, like everything worth doing, defining those moments can be tough. 

But what *won’t* be tough is actually building those personalized services. That’s because, with babelforce, you can create any service process using intuitive visual tools. It’s fast, and it’s easy. 

It’s time to make personalization a reality in your business – book your demo now.