Customizable Routing

Send every customer to the right resource at the right time with the help of call management software, and take full control of your contact routing strategy.

Remove the guesswork from contact routing

Misrouted contacts are one of the biggest causes of customer aggravation, a major cost to your business, and a waste of everybody’s time.

Customizable contact routing by utilizing call management software is the solution. 

Plan and build an unlimited number of possible contact flows for any scenario, based on integrated real-time data about customers and contact volume.

customizable routing
Customizable Routing​


Customize call flows according to the unique skills and specialties of your agents.

Customizable Routing​

VIP services

Draw from integrated customer data to guarantee VIP services for your most loyal customers.

Customizable Routing​


Go further with your First Contact Resolution rate target by dramatically cutting contact transfers.

Customizable Routing​

Service personalization

Offer information and resources based on customer profiles, automatically and with zero friction.

Offer customers a simple path

Will many customers notice a great routing experience? Not really. But all of them notice a bad one. That’s why a fully customizable contact routing system is vital – it makes it easy to identify those bad experiences and design them out of existence.

The missing ingredient in most routing strategies is context. With babelforce, you can direct your customers based on information like live Helpdesk tickets, lifetime value or even the last agent they spoke with – nothing is off the table.

With real-time performance data and dynamic routing, you can always offer the best version of your services for the situation. Book your personal demo now and discover how babelforce brings simplicity to the complexities of contact routing.

call routing

Become more proactive, less reactive

When the situation changes, the most successful customer service teams change their approach; that’s what dynamic routing makes possible.

By generating simple if/then scenarios for every situation, you can be sure that you’ve covered all contingencies – and that unexpected contact volume needn’t be a crisis. 

Think “conversation” and not just “channel”

Omnichannel routing is a crucial part of modern services. But moving customers across channels isn’t enough – you need to move their entire interaction. 

It’s easy with babelforce. Our deep data integration puts customer information on-screen, meaning you’ll never lose the context of a conversation – and agents can jump in wherever they’re needed.

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“We’ve created a customer experience that is far superior – it’s amazing. babelforce offers you pretty much anything you can imagine to fulfill your customer service needs.”
Head of Customer Service

End the frustration for customers

It’s easy to tell customers that you value them. It can also be easy to show them! A simple path to the right service – that’s all customers want. 

Few things are as important to a business’s success as the relationship it can build with customers. That’s true for you, and it’s true for us at babelforce too. We work closely with our clients to understand – and end – their customer service frustrations.

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of customers report that valuing their time is the most important thing a business can do

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of consumers expect to switch channels easily without needing to repeat information

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of failed FCRs are due to an agent’s inability to access data

There’s no limit to the power of your routing

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Let’s face it; call routing is basic. It’s fundamental. So why does it take so much time and effort to get anywhere near customer expectations? 

Most of the time, the answer is “tools”. Inaccessible tools, inflexible tools, incomprehensible tools… that’s why we decided to make it easy for you.

Our visual call management software mean you can create new customer services in record time – book your demo now to find out how.