Inbound communication

Become truly omnichannel and provide consistent, personalized customer support across all your inbound channels by using a call center acd.

The future is omnichannel

You have a big challenge on your plate. Namely, that modern customers are “omnichannel native” – but most contact centers are not.

Luckily, the solution is simple. 

babelforce integrates any and all systems that you depend on. That means bringing together every contact channel, but – more importantly – connecting them to tools like your CRM and Helpdesk.

inbound communication


Connect with customers via email, SMS, WhatsApp and more, all with the same simple agent interface.

Cloud Contact Center


Help customers or even manage entire conversations with next-gen conversational intelligence tools.

Automated outbound calling​


Avoid long hold times and put smiles on customer’s faces with easy to manage virtual queuing options.

Customizable Routing​

Know Your Customer

Bring customer data from any systems automatically, for better routing and enhanced agent conversations.

Create the inbound experiences you’ve imagined

Every day, we see great CX leaders offer mediocre customer services. Why? It’s actually very simple; they’re constrained by systems and tools that can’t provide the functionality that those leaders can imagine. 

We hate to see a waste of potential like that. That’s why we’ve made it easy for CX leaders to bring those processes out of their imaginations and into their contact centers. 

With babelforce, you can go from concept to design to implementation in days. Not months, or weeks – days. If inspiration strikes on Monday, you can have it up and running on Friday. That’s the power of babelforce – book your personal demo now to hear more.

inbound communication

Bring together data from every source

babelforce is the hub that connects all of the systems that you depend on. That means customer information in one system can influence a process happening in another. 

What’s the result? The end of siloed data, and the beginning of customer service processes that automatically draw from the richest and most complete view of each customer.

Offer customer’s key information at just the right moment

What do customers want to hear while they wait for service? Hold muzak? Adverts? A generic message about how important they are?

No. but what about information that is specific to them about their live Helpdesk ticket, current account balance or order status? Now you’re really helping them out.

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“We’ve created a customer experience that is far superior – it’s amazing. babelforce offers you pretty much anything you can imagine to fulfill your customer service needs.”
Head of Customer Service

Your contact center is where customers really see you

Businesses put major investment into shopfronts, ad campaigns, sales websites and social. And none of that matters if the business falters on customer service. 

Inbound is the bedrock of your customer service operation. Get that part right and everything else follows. That means decent self-service, omnichannel switching, and fast and effective solutions.

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of contact centers consider contact reduction to be top priority

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of leaders see FCR as a  medium to high priority

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of calls relate to previously addressed by unsolved queries

Be a problem solver, not a problem

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The contact center industry doesn’t have an amazing reputation. You know it, we know it, and consumers definitely know it. 

But the famous challenges of the industry – the long queues, the missing account data, the stressed agents – they’re all problems with simple, technology based solutions.

It’s time to talk to babelforce and find out how to bring those solutions into your business.