Phone Integration Problems with Zendesk

Here are 3 common problems contact centers face with their Zendesk – telephony integration:

1. Call quality:

The most common problems are:
– Hearing jitter on the line
– Calls not reaching the agents

At @babelforce, we monitor the data flow and bit rate in an ongoing way to ensure the highest call quality.

2. Limited capability:

Since it’s a pure telephony integration, you can’t:
– automate routine transactions
– move people to WhatsApp or SMS
– build a bot to deal with common queries
– build a data-driven flow that allows them to select their agents dynamically

We help companies solve this with our No-Code Lego Blocks that you can put together to build processes between the channels on the front (calls, messages, etc.) and Zendesk.

3. Huge cost:

Most plugins for Zendesk telephony utilize other cloud services, which cost a lot because you are charged per minute/call/recording.

In our case, we run our own multi-carrier network, getting rid of those costs.

That’s is how, at @babelforce, we:
– put your No-Code automation capabilities on steroids.
– save you a lot of money.