Top Customer Complaints About Contact Centers

Top Customer Complaints About Contact Centers

Top Customer Complaints About Contact Centers

Here are 2 perennial consumer complaints about interacting with a company:

1. Repeating the same information

– People are complaining that when they call up, they have to go to the IVR where they are asked to give their ID, answer a security question, and mention why they’re calling.

Then they get an agent and have to repeat the same process of identifying themselves and describing the problem.

– The same happens when they’ve already been interacting with the company via chats and emails, but when they eventually call up, they’ve got to repeat everything for the agent.

– People also hate being transferred to a new agent who doesn’t know anything about them because the company didn’t transfer their information from the previous agent.

2. Waiting

– Just like in nightclubs and post offices, people hate waiting in a queue to get an agent listening to some random muzak.

– They absolutely despise it when promises aren’t kept.

For example, you offer them a call back at a particular time but then fail to call them.

In the past 20 years, I’ve never met a CX manager who doesn’t want to solve these problems.

But they are constrained by:
– the lack of technology and processes, or
– the culture inside the organization.

If it’s the former, you must look for the right solutions for your needs.

If the latter, you might just have to move on if you’re serious about being a CX leader because that’s often a broken bridge.

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