Debt Collections

Debt collections

Your business objectives

debt servicing

Reduce default rate


Increase punctual payment


Reduce cost of processes with agents and operations staff

Benefits customers achieve

4X less time to reach prioritized account holders

>80% of agent tasks automated

Increase revenue by

Automating entire process to contact the debtor
Applying agents by priority of account (e.g. by LTV)

Decrease cost by

Removing manual tasks for agents
Automating data prep and other admin tasks
Utilizing agent time better

Process changes you want

Whenever customer account occurrence is flagged as at risk start automated attempt to call the customer
Only call the customer when agents of the right skillset are available
Remove all manual steps by agents: send the agent the data and link to account of customer, script …
Allow agents to work within existing systems: i.e. within existing System of Record (e.g. your Portfolio Management System and/or your CRM and/or your support Helpdesk system, etc.)
Remove or reduce manual interventions in the administration of data entries on who to contact and when it needs to happen

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