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Automated Outbound Calling

Automated Outbound Campaign

Contact list upload

Outbound dialer logic

Contact list queueing

Agent management

CTI pop up


The key to efficient automated outbound calling is integration. Everything from editing contact lists to getting real-time data pushed to the agent depends on the ability to integrate, as well as combining data for end-to-end reporting. Check out how we make that possible.

Inbound Call Flow

inbound call flow use case

Call routing

Call queues

CTI pop up

Welcome message

Waiting experience

Inbound calls from customers to agents are the daily bread of many call centers. babelforce gives you a range of tools to match callers with the right agent and provide efficient, fully integrated customer experiences. Explore these features to see how inbound call experiences are built on the platform.

Out-of-hours Service Call Flow 

out-of-hours call flow use case

Business hours

IVR menu

Phone call-back

Process logic triggers

Triggered SMS


When customers call a phone service outside of business hours or on a public holiday, we see it as an opportunity. A range of alternative services and channels should be built, offering completely automated 24/7 support. Discover how flexible triggers and applications enable you to do this.

Multilingual Call Flow

multilingual call flow use case

Language selection

Multilingual IVR menu

Select agent by language

Switching triggers

Triggered multilingual SMS

Tag ticket with language

International phone services come up against two challenges: deploying new and multi-skilled agent resources, and aligning new call flows and processes with current customer service strategy. See how our application-based toolset enables you to automate international call flows and use skills-based routing.

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