Automatic SMS service

Integrated 2 way SMS 


An automated SMS service should be as flexible as your phone service. Just as easy to integrate with third-party services like your Help Desk and CRM, and completely configurable with triggers. Automatic SMS send, 2 way SMS and SMS applications enable you to build outstanding customer experiences, whether you’re a programmer or not.
Leverage deep integrations to get SMS data into ticketing, then send text messages straight back from your agents’ view with the babelConnect app. Once you have integrated your phone service with your other core business tools, the babelforce app allows open customer dialogs on any channel with web SMS.   


Intelligent SMS and automation


What can you build with these SMS tools? Dedicated processes to handle automated support: have our platform test calls based on various attributes of a call (time of call, IVR choice, user information), then set a trigger to send an informative SMS or message prompting a channel change to web help.  

automated sms service

Integrate any business processes with no coding needed!

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