Automated outbound calling

Discover a fully automated approach to compiling contact lists as well as scheduling and dialing – at any scale.

Take your services to the world

Modern contact centers can’t just be warehouses for complaints any more; they’re the public face of your entire business. 

That means contact has to be a two-way street.  

With babelforce, you can do more than just place a lot of calls – you can guarantee a relationship with every single customer.

Automated outbound
Automated outbound calling​


Slash hold time at peak hours by guaranteeing customers a callback within minutes, or at a set time of day.

Automated outbound calling​

Automated retention

Set red flags for retention and place retention calls based on criteria like negative feedback or contract end dates.

Automated outbound calling​


Keep opportunities alive by auto-recycling missed contacts and trying them at varying times of day.

Automated outbound calling​


Make outreach as simple as possible with zero manual dialing – just the push of a button.

Go to customers
wherever they are

Here’s something you hear a lot: “customer expectations are higher than ever.” In our experience that’s true. But even if it wasn’t – even if expectations were the same as ever – wouldn’t you still want to offer great services?

Outbound contact used to be the sole domain of cold calling operations. These days, that’s less and less likely. In fact, there’s often far greater value to be found in outbound retention and upselling campaigns.

With babelforce, you’ll create outbound campaigns based on any criteria; agents get real-time customer data; scheduling and dialing are fully automated. Sound good? Then book your personal demo now.

automated outbound contact

Spread peaks and troughs into manageable demand

Scheduling successfully is one of the toughest challenges contact centers face. But with incredible use cases like virtual queuing, you can spread out contact volume across the day. 

It’s as simple as asking customers to accept a callback, moving peak-time calls to the slow hours. Even better, offering virtual queuing has a huge beneficial effect on metrics like CSat.

Find major value among your existing customers

Compared with the cost of acquiring customers, the cost of retaining and upselling customers is miniscule. 

Automated outbound is one of most effective tools at your disposal. It keeps agents occupied consistently throughout the day, and leads to demonstrable increases in sales and retention.

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“We’ve created a customer experience that is far superior – it’s amazing. babelforce offers you pretty much anything you can imagine to fulfill your customer service needs.”
Head of Customer Service

Automated outbound means better connections

Until recently, most contact centers have had to wait for customers to come to them. It’s a 100% reactive position that denies businesses the opportunity to preempt situations. 

In other words, it’s untenable. Luckily, that’s changing fast; every part of outbound contact is easy to automate, making fast, effective and customer-pleasing outbound services one of the most attractive areas for competitive advantage. 

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of customers find the idea of a callback “highly appealing”

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 of b2b providers are able to respond to new leads within one hour

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increases in retention can lead to increases in profitability of up to 95%

Your customers want to hear from you

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The range of applications for outbound contact is enormous. babelforce has clients who focus on lead generation, sales acceleration, debt management, retention, feedback and much more.

However you use outbound contact, the non-negotiable feature is automation. That’s why we bring automation to every single stage of the process, from list compilation to dialing. 

Your customers are waiting to hear from you. It’s time to make the call.