How to Bring *Even More* power to Zendesk

Jack Barton
14 October 2021

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Zendesk is a powerful customer service ticketing tool. It takes communication from multiple support channels and organizes it into a single dashboard. 

This has three major benefits: 

  1. Agents save time as they don’t have to switch between multiple platforms to offer support. 
  2. Data from each channel is shared, giving agents a unified view of a customer and enabling better support. 
  3. It enables omnichannel support: customers get the same experience no matter how they contact you. 

Using babelforce, contact centers can integrate their existing call infrastructure with Zendesk. This means you can manage all communication channels from within a single dashboard. 

You get the full functionality and benefits of your existing telephony systems, with the added benefit of Zendesk’s platform. 

Here are the highlights of the integration:

  • Agents receive calls and all relevant data as Zendesk tickets.
  • They can make outbound calls from within Zendesk with a single click.
  • You can set up automated two-way SMS from directly within the Zendesk platform.

The No-Code babelConnect app means anyone can set up and configure the system.

The challenge

The whole customer service world is talking about omnichannel customer service. This is when you use multiple interconnected channels to provide service to customers.  

It’s considered better than single or multichannel support because:

  • Customers can contact your agents on the platform that is most convenient for them.
  • Increased data access means customers get the same quality support on every channel.

Using a platform like Zendesk is a great way to begin integrating all your channels and tools like CRM. The tool enables you to use a single dashboard to integrate online channels like email and social out of the box. 

But when it comes to calls, things are more complicated. 

Contact centers have specialized infrastructure that is optimized for handling calls. You need a dedicated telephony system that uses IVR, call routers, and dialers, and more. 

So when looking for a ticketing system to enable omnichannel support, you need one that works with your chosen telephony system. 

That’s what babelforce offers. Our powerful contact center software helps you integrate your existing infrastructure with Zendesk. 

An integrated contact center system

Omnichannel communication is only possible if your tools can communicate and share data. This helps you set up automation and processes that work across platforms. 

With babelforce and Zendesk you can:

Route customer data to reps alongside the call

Routing customer data with calls gives agents instant access to relevant customer information when they answer the phone. Choose the data you want to highlight, from order details, contact history, current plan information, and more. 

This streamlines the process of communicating with customers and speeds up calls. Instead of asking for information about the customer’s problem, agents already have the data they need.

Zendesk integration

Transfer data across any variation of software and hardware

Data entered into any of your systems is reflected in Zendesk (and vice versa). No matter where your customer contact is recorded, you can access it on any connected tool. 

Zendesk integration

Inbound SMS messages are converted to Zendesk tickets

SMS is a channel that almost every single one of your customers has access to. But it’s vastly underused. 

With babelforce and Zendesk, you can integrate your SMS communication with your digital channels. You get two-way messaging capabilities from within Zendesk. You can accept and reply to messages within the software and set up automated replies and messages. 

Zendesk integration

Powerful contact center management

Using Zendesk with babelforce isn’t just about providing an omnichannel experience. You also get powerful cloud-based contact center and ticket management features. 

This helps agents stay on task, ensures that tickets are routed to the correct people, and allows your staff to work anywhere. 

Set agent statuses

Agents can easily switch status to show their availability. And you can create custom statuses for your own needs or set availability to manage automatically. 

This means you always know what agents are doing, helping you manage your team.

Powerful call routing

With babelforce and Zendesk it’s easy to set up automation to control what happens when you receive a call 

Set routing conditions to ensure incoming contact goes to the correct agent based on skills, data, or other business rules. And you can decide what data appears when a call comes through.

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Manage calls even when closed

Few contact centers are open 24/7, but customers often need help outside your open hours. 

The babelforce integration with Zendesk lets you set up rules to manage how you deal with this contact. Instead of dropping the call, you can offer voice callbacks or set up voicemail. 

Virtual contact center management

Another benefit of Zendesk is the ability to have agents work remotely. It makes it easy to set up a virtual contact center agents can access anywhere in the world. 

Out-of-office agents get access to the same tools and functionality as in-office agents, no matter where they are located.

Easy No-Code set up

You’d traditionally need a team of developers to build this kind of system. But babelforce’s No-Code platform means anyone can do it, even those with little knowledge of coding.

The Zendesk integration process is as simple as installing the babelConnect app and connecting supported software. You’re then able to share data and build automation across each one. 

Call center leaders no longer have to wait to get their ideas past the development team. Instead, you can implement the changes you want to see yourself. 

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News, guides and expert takes on all things customer experience and automation.

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