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Deploy cutting edge solutions that your competitors can’t match

Benefit from our powerful, global VoIP network

It’s time to get the most of a truly enterprise-grade, multicarrier contact handling platform. The babelforce platform represents the gold standard for both reliability and quality. On top of crystal clear quality and minimal downtime, you’ll see the benefit of cost savings, scalability, reliability and portability of a powerful VoIP telephony network. 

Create your powerful omnichannel presence

Find a simpler way to offer services across both inbound and outbound contact. With deep data integration you’ll make your customer services genuinely channel agnostic; wherever contacts are initiated, you’ll be able to route them to the best service and offer consistently amazing support.

Keep growing and improving your services

Make a bigger impact with your continuous improvement strategy using our suite of No-Code tools. It’s simple; any customer experience that you draw on a whiteboard, you can create with the babelforce platform. What’s more, it takes just a matter of weeks or even days. Do it all without any software development projects, unexpected costs or delays, and create new services that match your vision.

Make compliance simple

With our full audit logs, customizable call recording, and zero data retention approach, your compliance obligations are easy to meet at every stage of your customers’ journeys. Never worry about sensitive data; always maintain full control over which stakeholders can access which resources.

“The power of the babelforce platform makes it easy for us to brag about the quality and reliability of our services to prospective clients.”

Operational Account Manager, Uitblinqers

Discover how one outsourced services business far surpassed clients’ expectations.

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