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Faster service.
Lower cost.
It's a win-win.

Automate your way to faster, more effective services – that also reduce your costs. 

Insurance call center

Become an industry leader with automation at the heart of your service

Give customers control with complete self-service resources

Bring 24/7 self-service options to your customers and help them find the services they need, when they need them. Fully integrated ticketing records the details of every self-service interaction so channel switch or agent handover can happen with zero loss –  your customers will never need to repeat themselves again. Make data-rich, contextually aware self-service solutions simple, with babelforce.

Turn disparate databases in customer insight

Our deep data integration connects every tool and resource you depend on for a single source of customer insight. Identify trends in customers behaviour, contact volume and type, and the business processes that slow your agents down. Make targeted interventions to eliminate wasted effort and duplication, all with just a few clicks – and without starting complex software development projects.

Make the right call first time, every time

Harness intelligent call routing to connect your customers with the resource – first time, every time. babelforce’s fully customizable contact routing makes it simple to route based on agent availability, skill, location or any other criteria that you want to define. With our easy-to-use No-Code toolkit, you can define dynamic conditions that adapt to real-time changes and events.

Take the headache out of compliance

Customizable call recording, full audit logs and our zero data retention approach mean your compliance obligations are covered at every stage of the customer journey. You’ll never need to worry about where sensitive data goes and you’ll always have full control over which stakeholders can access which resources.

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