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Precision-engineered services

Hone your CX as carefully as your products.

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Offer your tech industry customers sophisticated and consistent service solutions

Deploy smart services your competitors can’t match

Our deep data integration makes it simple to turn disparate data sets into a single source of customer insight. Combined with babelforce No-Code automation platform, you can define inbound, outbound and self-service options which are entirely unique to your business, with minimal effort.

Create memorable omnichannel experiences

You know that customer expectations for omnichannel service are high. In practice that means easy channel switching with no loss of context and deep functionality across whichever channels they use. Achieve this and more with our straightforward but powerful any-channel integration.

Boost your key metrics with
smart tools

Customers only have one speed: now. With our portfolio of tools for virtual queuing, omnichannel and self-service, you can forget about long waits and high abandon rates. Give every customer a service option that fits their needs and offers a speedy, effective resolution every time.

Resolve contacts first time, every time

It’s not complicated; customers want to access the right resources and get the right outcome on their first attempt. babelforce makes this simpler than ever with instant customer recognition, real-time data and automated agent guidance. Know your customer, know their history, and know exactly how to help. 

“We’re tech people, and we know a well-thought-out product when we see one. The babelforce platform solves problems we even didn’t realize we had!”

Head of Customer Experience, Smartfrog

Discover how a revolutionary tech company turned their customers into lifelong advocates.

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