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Total clarity for every touchpoint

Don’t tell customers they matter. Show them.

Telecoms call center

Find your competitive edge in the telco industry with unbeatable performance upgrades

Harness your data sources for deep customer insight

With babelforce’s deep data integration you’ll connect every tool and resource that your contact center relies on. Turn disparate data into meaningful customer insight and spot patterns in customer behaviour, contact type, and in the workflows that reduce agent effectiveness.

Make compliance 100% pain-free

With features like customizable call recording, full audit logs and our zero data retention policy, you’ll never need to stress over data security again. Take full control over who sees what, throughout the customer journey, and rest easy knowing that babelforce doesn’t store any of your sensitive data – period.

Outshine your competition with rich omnichannel services

We make omnichannel easy across both inbound and outbound contact. babelforce’s deep data integration generates a truly channel-agnostic approach; however customers choose to reach you, you can route them to high-quality support and resources quickly, easily and automatically.

Operate across a power, global VoIP network

Simply put, our enterprise-grade, multicarrier contact handling platform is the gold standard for voice quality and reliability. As well as minimal downtime and crystal clear quality, you’ll benefit from the cost savings, scalability, reliability, portability and ease of integration of a powerful VoIP telephony network.

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