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Pioneer utility industry services with
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Give customers control with complete self-service resources

Choose and deploy self-service channels of your choice and start providing round the clock customer service. Our integrated ticketing records every interaction detail meaning channel switching and agent handover are no problem; your customers will never need to repeat themselves. Bring 24/7 service to customers, quickly and easily. 

Make proactive service work for you

Automating the background work in outbound contact makes it simple to offer impressive outbound services affordably, and at scale. Real-time data push for agents makes outbound as quick and easy as inbound, while securing customer loyalty through next-level proactive services. 

Establish a powerful omnichannel presence

With babelforce, it’s simple to offer omnichannel experiences for both inbound and outbound contact. Deep data integration makes your customer services truly channel agnostic; wherever contacts come from, you can route them to the right service and offer the same high-quality support.

Turn data into insight, at scale

However many resources you use for customer service, babelforce can connect them all. Draw from insight across your operation to spot trends in customer behaviour, contact volume and agent processes. With our game-changing No-Code automation you define better ways to work with intuitive visual tools – and no lengthy software development projects. 

“With the babelforce platform we're always learning more about our customers and finding new ways to help them.”

Head of Innovation, Yello

Discover how a leading energy provider offers speed and ease to every customer. 

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