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Will AI take away jobs? Let's hope so.

The demographic shift towards an older global population will make it harder each year to secure staff.
what do consumers really think of voicebots

What do consumers really think of VoiceBots?

VoiceBots have a mixed reputation. The technology has advanced a lot. But have consumer opinions?

Customer service automation - how to smash it vs. how to suck at it

80% of customer service organizations will be using AI by the end of next year. Let's talk about what happens when you beat the teething problems...and when you don't.
contact centers in movies how accurate are they

Contact centers in movies - how accurate are they?

If you've ever seen a movie where some of the action's set in a contact center, you've probably thought "that's not realistic!" And you'd be right...or would you?
How to reduce agent burnout

How to reduce agent burnout in your contact center

62% of call center agents identified burnout as one of their top workplace challenges. But what is agent burnout, and how can we prevent it?
Do you need a Voicebot?

Do you need a Voicebot?

Half the world is rhapsodizing about automation. As that reaches CX, what will the customer think? And how can VoiceBots impact customer experience and bottom line?
What is a Call Whisper?

What is a Call Whisper?

Coaching, training, or a subtle heads-up. Delivering information through the agent's headset has a lot of benefits. And it can even be automated.
babelConnect + Salesforce

babelConnect + Salesforce = true omnichannel

Customers today expect more than just a quality product or service – they expect an engaging, personalized experience.
What is a citizen developer?

What is a citizen developer?

91% of businesses have engaged in digital transformation, and the demand for custom functionality has exceeded the supply. Citizen development can help.
Voicebot v chatbot

Voicebot vs. Chatbot - what's the difference?

Voicebot and Chatbot. These terms have been cropping up more and more as AI technology finds its way into pretty much every industry. So how different are they really?
Maximized efficiency

Maximized efficiency through call center ACD

Nothing kills call center efficiency more than when calls get sent to the wrong place. But there is an easy way to avoid this issue.
Why Does the Best Automation...

Why Does the Best Automation...Happen Behind the Scenes

"Traveling for work recently I booked, checked in, and checked out of a hotel without speaking to a single member of staff."
VoIP Phone Services

VoIP Phone Services: Top Reasons to Make the Switch

There are many reasons to choose VoIP over an analog line. For example, you’ll be able to provide more advanced services that customers love, and it’s cheaper to set up.
Keep Control Over Your Contact Center

The advantages of call monitoring

What exactly is call monitoring? How does it work? And what are the advantages of using it?
Call Management Software

Improve efficiency with call management software

Busy call centers handle a lot of calls. This isn’t easy, but good call management software helps by enabling more efficient processes. 
Outbound call

How to make a successful outbound call

Making a successful outbound call is about preparation, organization, and planning.
Take your Salesforce further

Take your Salesforce further with babelforce

Even More power

How to bring *even more* power to your Zendesk

Zendesk is a powerful customer service ticketing tool. It takes communication from multiple support channels and organizes it into a single dashboard. 
Conversational AI

Conversational AI is here to stay, but what exactly is it?

This text promises to help you serve more customers at a lower cost.
No-Code Automation

No-Code Automation for your success

No-Code automation means creating a process – even a very complex one – without writing any code.

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