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The VoiceBot AI Cheat Sheet 2024

AI is the most in-demand technology in the world right now. Most businesses assume they could find some kind of value in it – but what?

4 strategies to get more value from Zendesk

Adopting Zendesk is a massive productivity booster; here's how to get even more from Zendesk.

Get the guide to babelforce for Zendesk

Everything you need for outstanding customer service on the phone. Right there in your Zendesk.
An illustration of a baseball player next to the title 'How to hit a home run with partial automation'

How hit a home run with partial automation

What does baseball's most impressive comeback have to do with contact center automation? It's all about finding overlooked value.
babelconnect & Salesforce

babelConnect for Salesforce

Why add VoiceBot automation and composable CCaaS to your CRM? Find out in our guide.
Customer service kit

Customer service personalization starter kit

Learn how successful businesses around the world bring personalization to life.
Outbound sales and service

Outbound sales and service

How to create outbound contact that cuts costs, improves CX, and drives growth.
9 Things to never do again

9 things you'll never do again thanks to contact center automation

Contact Center Automation is no-brainer. Discover a simple way to automate *anything* in your customer services.

How to bring VoiceBot into customer support

Why bring AI into call handling? How about this. 73% of consumers believe that VoiceBots will dramatically improve their experience.

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