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why customer service leaders should reinvent the wheel 2

Why customer service leaders SHOULD reinvent the wheel

Innovation must take bigger leaps to keep pace with increasing complexity.
What high profile AI blunders can teach us

What high-profile AI blunders can teach us.

It's a good thing AI can't feel embarrassment, or some of them would never show up to work again.

The VoiceBot AI Cheat Sheet 2024

AI is the most in-demand technology in the world right now. Most businesses assume they could find some kind of value in it – but what?

4 strategies to get more value from Zendesk

Adopting Zendesk is a massive productivity booster; here's how to get even more from Zendesk.

Will AI take away jobs? Let's hope so.

The demographic shift towards an older global population will make it harder each year to secure staff.
Automating surveys with voicebots

Your VoiceBot collects feedback on itself!

With babelforce you can integrate feedback surveys into VoiceBot interactions, and show the results in Zendesk.
Agent status synchronization

Agent status synchronization

When you change your status in babelforce, it's reflected in other systems like Zendesk. And it's 2-way.
How to automate caller authentication

Automating caller authentication

Learn how our platform can automate caller authentication by checking details against information in Zendesk.
Automating where is my order queries

Automating "Where is My Order" Queries

In this video Artam shows you how WISMO queries can be automated by VoiceBot (with a record saved in Zendesk).
what do consumers really think of voicebots

What do consumers really think of VoiceBots?

VoiceBots have a mixed reputation. The technology has advanced a lot. But have consumer opinions?
Why automate the first 45s of your calls using AI

Why automate the first 45s of your calls using AI

The question is, what are people normally doing during those 45 seconds? Our benchmark data has the answers.
Intelligent VoiceBot for Salesforce

Intelligent VoiceBot for Salesforce

The world’s hardest working AI for your Salesforce
How do AI VoiceBots talk to customers?

How do AI VoiceBots talk to customers?

We'll show you how our babelforce VoiceBot works in practice.
Add a pro VoiceBot to Zendesk

Add a pro VoiceBot to Zendesk

The perfect combination of AI and live service
Does *off the shelf* VoiceBot work?

Does *off the shelf* VoiceBot work?

90% of what makes the VoiceBot or chatbot actually valuable to your contact center is how much it’s connected to all your other data flows. It’s kind of an iceberg situation.

CX Transformation with VoiceBot automation

Learn how a major German energy company, saves €500,000+ per year thanks to their babelforce VoiceBot.
Why do businesses pay twice for software?

Why do businesses pay twice for software?

Sometimes it does make sense to change one thing at a time for certain short-term business goals. But the question is: what is the long-term plan?
Modernizing Customer service

Stadtwerke Hamm meets changing customer needs with babelforce

Stadtwerke Hamm, a regional energy supplier in Germany, modernized their telephony systems with babelforce. With transformative results.
Do you need a Voicebot?

Do you need a Voicebot?

Half the world is rhapsodizing about automation. As that reaches CX, what will the customer think? And how can VoiceBots impact customer experience and bottom line?
Voicebot v chatbot

Voicebot vs. Chatbot - what's the difference?

Voicebot and Chatbot. These terms have been cropping up more and more as AI technology finds its way into pretty much every industry. So how different are they really?

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