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Get the guide to babelforce for Zendesk

Everything you need for outstanding customer service on the phone. Right there in your Zendesk.
Automating surveys with voicebots

Your VoiceBot collects feedback on itself!

With babelforce you can integrate feedback surveys into VoiceBot interactions, and show the results in Zendesk.
Dominate inbound call peaks with callbacks

Dominate call peaks with callbacks

Turn a deluge into a manageable workload, and link callbacks with Zendesk tickets.
Agent status synchronization

Agent status synchronization

When you change your status in babelforce, it's reflected in other systems like Zendesk. And it's 2-way.
How ratioparts is building a profit center with babelforce

How Ratioparts is building a profit center with babelforce

Gardening and forestry equipment business Ratioparts needed a way to manage seasonal demand peaks in customer service.
How to automate caller authentication

Automating caller authentication

Learn how our platform can automate caller authentication by checking details against information in Zendesk.
Automating where is my order queries

Automating "Where is My Order" Queries

In this video Artam shows you how WISMO queries can be automated by VoiceBot (with a record saved in Zendesk).
An illustration of a baseball player next to the title 'How to hit a home run with partial automation'

How hit a home run with partial automation

What does baseball's most impressive comeback have to do with contact center automation? It's all about finding overlooked value.
babelforce platform

babelforce platform

Quality customer service is the factor most aligned with customer retention. But customer expectations are constantly evolving.
Why are call-backs and virtual queueing in IVR so valuable?

Why are call-backs and virtual queueing in IVR so valuable?

“Don’t call us – we’ll call you.” There is one occasion when people actually want to hear that.
The integrations that can save the world

The integrations that can save the world

Pierce Buckley, CEO & Co-founder of babelforce

Why add call handling to Zendesk?

Create a frictionless agent desktop in Zendesk by adding call handling to your ticketing system.

Why integrate your telephony with Salesforce?

Create a frictionless agent desktop in Salesforce by adding call handling to the CRM.

CX Transformation with VoiceBot automation

Learn how a major German energy company, saves €500,000+ per year thanks to their babelforce VoiceBot.
Modernizing Customer service

Stadtwerke Hamm meets changing customer needs with babelforce

Stadtwerke Hamm, a regional energy supplier in Germany, modernized their telephony systems with babelforce. With transformative results.
A recipe for... Supercharged retention

Marley Spoon's recipe for retention

Marley Spoon's customer-centric business model needed a telephony system with the flexibility to put the human voice at the center of customer engagement
360° Visibility Of the customer journey

How Homeday gained a 360° view of the customer journey

Homeday gained full visibility of the customer journey and the ability to make data-driven decisions with babelforce.
babelconnect & Salesforce

babelConnect for Salesforce

Why add VoiceBot automation and composable CCaaS to your CRM? Find out in our guide.
Take your Salesforce further

Take your Salesforce further with babelforce

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