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Get the guide to babelforce for Zendesk

Everything you need for outstanding customer service on the phone. Right there in your Zendesk.
Automating surveys with voicebots

Your VoiceBot collects feedback on itself!

With babelforce you can integrate feedback surveys into VoiceBot interactions, and show the results in Zendesk.
Dominate inbound call peaks with callbacks

Dominate call peaks with callbacks

Turn a deluge into a manageable workload, and link callbacks with Zendesk tickets.
Agent status synchronization

Agent status synchronization

When you change your status in babelforce, it's reflected in other systems like Zendesk. And it's 2-way.
Zendesk x babelforce webinar

babelforce x Zendesk Webinar June 2024

Two thirds of businesses fail on consumer expectations. How are you going to stay in the one third that succeed?
How ratioparts is building a profit center with babelforce

How Ratioparts is building a profit center with babelforce

Gardening and forestry equipment business Ratioparts needed a way to manage seasonal demand peaks in customer service.
How to automate caller authentication

Automating caller authentication

Learn how our platform can automate caller authentication by checking details against information in Zendesk.
Automating where is my order queries

Automating "Where is My Order" Queries

In this video Artam shows you how WISMO queries can be automated by VoiceBot (with a record saved in Zendesk).
How businesses are getting more from Zendesk for Voice

How businesses are getting more from Zendesk for Voice

Solve phone integration problems and handle calls from within Zendesk, with babelforce.
Phone integration problems with Zendesk

Phone integration problems with Zendesk

Learn how babelforce solves the 3 most common problems with Zendesk telephony integrations: call quality, limited capability, and costs.
Add a pro VoiceBot to Zendesk

Add a pro VoiceBot to Zendesk

The perfect combination of AI and live service

Why add call handling to Zendesk?

Create a frictionless agent desktop in Zendesk by adding call handling to your ticketing system.
360° Visibility Of the customer journey

How Homeday gained a 360° view of the customer journey

Homeday gained full visibility of the customer journey and the ability to make data-driven decisions with babelforce.
Even More power

How to bring *even more* power to your Zendesk

Zendesk is a powerful customer service ticketing tool. It takes communication from multiple support channels and organizes it into a single dashboard. 

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