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Mobilize Your Customer Services

For most organizations that sell products or customer services that are higher value, the sale will involve a person. This remains the case regardless of how much sales automation is possible online – customer service skills will always be needed. Indeed recently, the introduction of live chat, click-to-call, video chat and social media service have increased the overall need to have a customer advisor in the loop.

But maintaining profitability in this environment requires the most efficient possible way to arrange those engagements between advisors and customers. On top of that, the follow up afterwards must happen – not keeping your promises to customers is not an option.

One of the main challenges in reaching the desired level of efficiency and customer support quality has been the high cost of integrating telephone, mobile, web, chat, social media, messaging, … (the list grows). Of course, you have the option to engage in a large project to address the integration. But inevitably such a project will distract many of your team for a considerable period of time. And in the typically fast-paced environment that many sales and marketing teams work in the outcomes take far too long to achieve – by the time you start to realize the benefits you’ll have new and different challenges to face.

Our dream at babelforce is that you can deploy significant functionality and campaigns really really fast. So fast and cost effectively that you can afford to deploy several promotions or customer support services, then monitor them in real-time and of course correct on-the-fly. After years of working on complex customer services and contact center projects, we have concluded that this is the only way to allow businesses to really offer great service continuously.

We are fully aware of how difficult this is to achieve. For one thing, each product element that enables a distinct piece of the service or sales interactions has to be pre-built but retain enough flexibility to deal with a hugely diverse range of process requirements. Secondly, it must be possible to procure and execute on any bespoke design and implementation in an extremely flexible way. Thirdly, complex integrations, say, between telephony for the contact center and online or mobile apps must just work out-of-the-box. Fourthly, it is essential to be able to change the behavior of telephone, web and mobile widgets, integrations with CRM and other systems very quickly with very little risk to other services. Finally, the iteration cycles between a marketing or customer service manager reviewing the results of a new feature and the deployment and testing of the improvements has to really short.

Despite this rather daunting list, it is perfectly possible. We try to allow you to instantly deploy new web and mobile buttons, forms, banners, etc. that link to your contact center – we really mean instantly. We give you access to a huge talent pool of designers, developers, copywriters, creatives, and other professionals who can rapidly make the changes you need. You can buy in these skills as and when you need them, i.e. without any significant risk or increase to your overhead. You get the analytics and you can run improvement iterations using the talent pool. If a promotion is not doing what you need you can of course correct or cancel it at a moment’s notice.

Try it out for yourselves.

By-the-way, we apply the same requirement for rapid change to our products for you. We can’t wait for you to tell us what it doesn’t do but that you want. We’ll change it for you in a jiffy.

Don’t wait, mobilize your customer services today.