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Integration with Zoho

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call center integration with Zoho Desk

Add intelligence to your calls with customers

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call center integration with zendesk

The global enterprise-grade call center
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about the integration

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Deeply integrated telephony processes - join the dots

babelforce makes integration easier than you can imagine. Any Helpdesk and CRM integration, business process automation.

Boost customer experience - omnichannel joy!

Create and manage experiences across channels - web, call, SMS, email.

Flex your teams - in-house or external

Manage any mixture of outsourced agents and internal teams from our cloud based contact center platform.

Manage call traffic - smooth out the peaks

Manage traffic and tasks dynamically with call center scheduling based on agent availability.

Increase sales - Optimize calling & track leads

Track every lead. Efficiently manage your outbound calling and inbound responses.

Go global - scale and optimize globally

Route your calls and tasks to teams anywhere. International call routing service made simple.

Measure everything - call data reports, monitor metrics

See everything. Expose all data from calls and customer journeys for your KPI dashboard and BI.

Reduce costs - optimize call center resources

babelforce reduces your cost across the board. Optimize average handling time, resources and lower cost per lead & conversion.

Our customers

Boris Petrov, Head of Customer Service at Remix

Boris Petrov, Head of Customer Service at Remix

``Choosing babelforce has proven to be the right decision. We've created a customer experience that is far superior - it’s amazing. babelforce offers you pretty much anything you can imagine to fulfill your customer service needs.``

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